Oddmar Mod APK 0.99

Mobge Ltd. Adventure


Additional Information of Oddmar for Android

Category: Adventure
Version: 0.99
Price: Free
Author: Harry Alston
Size: 89.8 MB
Developer: Mobge Ltd.
Get it on: Google Play
Updated: 2019/ 05/ 29
MOD: Yes

Description for Oddmar APK

Oddmar is a critically acclaimed mobile game, probably one of the best looking Android games of all time. You play as the eponymous Oddmar, a strange little Viking who never really fit into his village. Subsequently shunned by his narrow-minded family and friends, Oddmar takes it upon himself to redeem his reputation and revitalize a little of his squandered potential. Out of the blue, he’s offered the chance to venture out of the village and prove himself…at possibly an enormous cost.

This stunning adventure game comes from Senri games, the studio behind Leo’s Fortune, which was the best looking mobile game before Oddmar…go figure. Senri has established themselves as a developer with their finger on the pulse of Android games which sell like hot cookies. The sound design, puzzle design, and graphics are all outstanding – so great we could imagine this as a full-blown Switch game. Yep. That good. If you like to support mobile games then get stuck into Oddmar.

Oddmar’s Journey Begins…

There are 24 beautifully designed levels. Half comic, half puzzle platformer, there are exciting physics-based puzzles and challenging platform levels which should be familiar for anyone who has ever played an Android game before. Along your fun quest, you’ll discover the true power within Oddmar’s red beard and stout little body. Pick up magically imbued weapons and different shields, because that’s not cheating at all! These weapons lie at the bottom of terrifying mines, hidden in half-collapsed caves up snow-topped mountains, and deep in the undergrowth of magical forests.

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