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PES 2019 is the most recent update of Konami’s super-popular football series, Pro Evolution Soccer. Around since the early 2000s, PES has evolved over the years into one of the most popular soccer apps available to download on your Android device as an APK.

Released in August 2018, the game has undergone several updates, but if your Android mobile is out-of-date or you need to bypass the Google Play Store’s region lock, then just hit up APKNite now.

Originally and primarily a console game, Konami has made a great effort to improve the mobile variety of the game. They’ve done well!

However, this is a big file, so we recommend using Wi-Fi to download this.

Best features of PES 2019 – What makes it the best soccer app on Android right now?

Sometimes when games get ported from console or PC to mobile, some of the great features that set them apart from other games is totally lost. This is not the case with PES 2019.

More complex than ever

This is definitely the greatest PES to date. There are thousands of different animations, unpredictable ball physics, and more teams and leagues playable than ever before. From the iconic Man UTD, to a second-league Scottish team, the world of soccer (or football, whatever you want to call it) is in the palm of your hands.

Remember, this game steers clear from EA’s greasy clutch and as such, doesn’t quite have the same toxic approach to lootboxes and card packs which does turn some people away from the popular FIFA series.

Awesome multiplayer matches

No soccer game would be the same without extensive multiplayer functions, and PES 2019 does not disappoint. You can play with your mate in a local 1v1 match by syncing your phone (so you’ll have to get them to download the apk as well), play with friends across the world using the ‘Friend Match’ function (a great friendly way to settle disputes) or also use the ‘Online Match’ to challenge strangers and test your skills.

Brand new league licenses

Like we mentioned before, there are now more teams and more leagues to cover than ever before. You can now play new leagues in South America, the Russian League, the J.League from Japan and different leagues across greater Asia. That’s just the tip of the iceberg. Take that random team you’ve never heard of to victory!

New Legends to play

A great function was added to PES some time back where you get to play as some of the all-time-great soccer players. Choose from Beckham, Romario, Maldini and more. Check back regularly and sideload your game through Google Play Store to stay updated as the season progresses.

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