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Piano Magic Tiles Despacito 2


Download Piano Magic Tiles Despacito 2 as an apk now. Love jamming to Piano songs both offline and online? Want to change it up from one of the other MILLION games with Piano/Magic/Tiles in the title? Well, why not play a game that HAS ALL THREE?

Piano Magic Tiles Music Despacito – why to download it

Piano Magic Tiles Music Despacito 2 is a world-class tile Rhythm game that rivals the iconic Guitar Hero series. Nothing compares to slapping out some big tunes on a virtual piano. Forget the majestic of Mozart, the incredible bamboozling power of Bach, or the dropping notes of Handel…this is Despacito. On the piano.

Often compared to the classical greats, Justin Bieber is a modern phenomenon that makes Mozart look like that kid in The Simpsons that can’t speak. You know. The Yellow One. His tunes are riveting. His lyrics…unbelievable. Once transformed into a Piano song they rival Beethoven’s Fifth, or Pachebel’s Canon.

Trust us, you don’t need to even be half-skilled at playing the Piano to succeed on these games. Keep the rhythm and try to beat your highscore. Your friends will be so impressed when they see how much of your life you’ve sunk into this free game!

It’s free? Well, sort of

Like all apps on the Google Play Store, Piano Magic Tiles Despacito 2 comes with a dark downsides. Many of the ads on the game are totally intrusive. The app WILL spam notifications to your phone unless you disable them. To get rid of the ads you need to pay a fee.

You can also speed unlock new songs by straight-up paying for them, but honestly this doesn’t make sense as that’s one of the most fun parts of the game. Progressing through the levels is no good if you don’t get a reward!

Last, the online challenge feature

In the old days these games just had little going for them beyond a momentary addiction and a couple of decent songs. Now you can challenge people ONLINE and see who is the true champ!

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