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Piano Magic Tiles


Download the Piano Magic Tile APK, one of hundreds of these similar apps that dominate the ‘Music’ genre when you type it into the Google Play Store. Thankfully, we’ve spent literally hours fine-picking only the VERY best music apps available for download as an APK.

Piano Magic Tile is the sort of game that rockets to the top of the leaderboard of music games whenever they are released. Technically flawless and smooth as butter, these games will blow your brain out of your ears with joyous musical sensation! Tap away furiously like your life depends on it and keep that rhythm. Jive along to some of the best new-funk songs from Mozart, the sweetest Jazz hits from that legend Bach, and jam along to some fantastic bangers from old boy Chopin.

Mozart was a boy prodigy, but now you can relive that sort of dedication, passion and sheer physical talent from your slouched spot on the couch, back of the bus, or wearily tapping away on your early morning commute into the city. Piano Magic Tile will inject a grey day with some bright musical rainbows that are sure to liven up hours of your life!

Why is Piano Magic Tile so addictive?

Why, because of the fun leveling system of course! As you progress through the game you gather experience and song fragments which allow you to upgrade to new songs and find new amazing tunes to bop along to. Keep your head in control and stop wiggling your feet, you’re in public!

Keeping time is no issue at all, really. Just plug in your earphones and get totally lost in a sad tune by Johann Sebastian Bach, who was around these days would probably love a good APK!

These apps are good for your brain

Keeping rhythm is a great way to keep your reaction speed in check. Getting a bit slow grinding out on that slow commute every day? Sat in front of your computer staring off into the distance? Jazz up your entire existence by practicing with Piano Magic Tile every day. Find your perfect song and then perfect your finger rendition of the title, mastering the ins and outs of the song. Keep those long notes LONG and those short notes SHORT.

So much different music to choose from!

Jazz, classical piano, old school rock tunes with a piano twist…wow, the list is literally not endless, but still pretty impressive! New songs were added to this game…when it was new, but it’s not new anymore, so why don’t check out one of the other more recently updated Piano Magic Tile games that are plastered all over the Play Store? Don’t worry, we’ve got them in APKNite if you just do a little search. APKNite: the best website on the internet for finding apps and games to kill your time.

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