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Introducing to the Arcade game genre, Piano Tiles offline. The original in a series of fun and addicting games that challenge both your focus and coordination.

This is in fact the Piano Tiles 1 old version, so there aren’t as many updates and game modes as later versions. But, that leaves no room to worry about how fun and exciting this game is.

On the contrary, the Piano Tiles 1 new version adaptions don’t seem to have as much excitement, compared to the true version. Players will find this game to be a true treasure, to be kept within their list of favorite apps.

Better than the Piano Tiles 1 latest version

The Piano Tiles 1 Android game has many differing modes that help sharpen your own visual skills. And they manage to do this in an enjoyable and enticing fashion.

  • Classic Mode – First is the classic game mode. This stage will test your speed. Tap the black tiles in sequence as quickly as possible, without hitting a white key.
  • Arcade Mode – This Piano Tiles 1 game mode allows for you to follow and endless path of black and white tiles. Your objective—continuously tap the black tiles, without skipping a beat or mistaking.
  • Slide – Next is slide mode. Here, you control a square note and must avoid the black tiles. Contrary to the common pattern of touching black keys.
  • Rush – Rush mode gives reason to those who want to test their speed within Piano Tiles 1 to download the game. Here, your taps per second will be recorded.
  • Zen – In a sense, this is a time attack mode. How far can you go before the timer runs out?
  • Arcade (+) – Here is where the real challenge of the game lies. Similar to the original arcade mode, except you’ll need to avoid any black tiles marked with skull symbols. With the speed gradually increasing and an extra obstacle, see how truly determined and focused you are.

The verdict of Piano Tiles 1

The Piano Tiles 1 game download is for those who want to challenge themselves. Not just a one-time challenge, but a constant improvement.

So, if you are one of these people, go to the Piano Tiles 1 free download now.

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