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Piano Tiles 2™


Piano Tiles 2 is one of the all-time best music rhythm games available on the app store. Use your best musical skills to complete a wide range of levels covering all types of different piano styles, from classical to modern jazz. The levels get progressively harder as you move between Bach, Congfei Wei and Mozart. Now you can download this incredible title as a free apk file on APKNite and play forever, wherever you are, and on whatever Android device you’re using.

Piano Tiles 2 is very popular, but why?

First of all, everything about the game is very polished. Obviously the team behind the original Piano Tiles did a great job with the first title, and continued that into Piano Tiles 3, but Piano Tiles 2 is really the crowning jewel. A great color scheme, simple interface and plenty of songs to choose from, what’s not to love? Download the Piano Tiles 2 apk and give it a go.

Here are some of the best features and functions of Piano Tiles 2 and will hopefully explain why you’ll keep coming back to play more and more!

  • The awesome challenge mode will give you more reason to continue playing the game even after you become a piano master. Can you beat all the challenges?
  • After enough practice you can share your highest score with your best friends or players around the world. That’s pretty good motivation to play!
  • Awesome sound quality. In a rhythm game this is obviously very important, so it’s brilliant that Piano Tiles 2 doesn’t skimp on the quality!
  • Plus, you can save your progress through Facebook which is a super easy way to keep your scores but also show off to your mates!
  • The game continues to be regularly updated, even into 2019. Stay tuned for upcoming seasonal events with new songs added ALL THE TIME. These songs are drawn from some of the the greatest artists in the industry!

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