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Download the apk of this fun Android game that is very soothing and relaxing. Polysphere is a fascinating Puzzle game that requires you to figure out complex color patterns to make cool images! The useful tutorial at the start of the game guides you through how the mechanics work, though once you’re past the intro the game gets real tricky.

Why is Polysphere so interesting?

It’s a unique idea that requires a HUGE BRAIN to solve. You need to rotate the collection of colored shapes in a 360 way to form an image. These are very tricky! You will need to use all of your frontal lobe to solve these.

Plus, they are VERY beautiful. So pleasant to look at. This is a very relaxing game, because although the puzzles are tricky you will get such satisfaction when you finish.

Some of Polysphere rests behind a paywall. Certain images will cost you extra to unlock in the form of gems or a subscription service. Some are worth it, especially if you really love the game format!

Plus, it will be good to get rid of the adverts, which can ruin your experience a little.

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