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Additional Information of Real Racing 3 for Android

Category: Racing
Compatible with: Android 4.1+ (Jelly Bean, API 16)
Version: 8.3.2
Price: Free
Author: Harry Alston
Size: 41.51 MB
Get it on: Google Play
Updated: 2020/ 03/ 30
MOD: Yes

Description for Real Racing 3 APK

Real Racing 3 comes as the 3rd edition in the award-winning series of Real Racing games. Published originally in 2013, this game is still popular way into 2019 thanks to regular updates. You can now grab the APK of this popular game (with over 200 million downloads) and try it out on your Android device.

This game is the follow-up to 2009’s Real Racing and 2010’s Real Racing 2, and although this game received a few negative reviews due to its more predatory micro-transaction system, the gameplay has still been highly praised with awards. If you’re downloading this game for you kid, we recommend turning off or disabling in-app purchases. Even if you down the apk of this game outside of the Play Store, you still have to interact with the store in some way.

General Gameplay Impressions and Features

Overall, this is probably one of the coolest racing games we’ve played on Android. There are a lot of reasons for that, primarily, and most in-your-face, is the graphics. They’re jaw-droppingly good for something you use to phone your mum and scroll through Instagram.

Different Gameplay Mechanics – Pushing Forwards

The main gameplay of Real Racing 3 is driven forward following 135 total different ‘series’. This is a racing game usual feature, which basically keeps the game structured. Super cars can’t race against hatchbacks, and vice-versa. You hit the next series up by winning a certain amount of trophies in the previous season.

Alongside the series are different ‘tiers‘. Each series is divided into around 17-22 separate tiers, all featuring one to three different races. There are more tiers to unlock if you begin to earn Bronze, Silver or Gold medals in the races. Different events keep the game feeling fresh. There are cup races, NASCAR races, Elimination races and more…

Now, this is where things turn a little grim. This was the part of the game that was slammed by people who’d enjoyed the previous two Real Racing titles.

Car maintenance.

Unlike the previous two games, in Real Racing 3, if you want your car to continue winning races you need to pay for it with one of two currencies (we’ll get to that in a moment) and actually expend real-life time, sometimes up to several hours in the later stages of the game. Like all Mobile games, Real Racing 3 is basically a game that the developers don’t want you to play…unless you pay for it. I mean it is published by EA…what do you expect?

In-game Currencies

We’re no stranger to in-game currencies. They plague the world of mobile games and have done for years. Some games get it right, others fail drastically. Many new games you see on the Play Store are just rehashes of older titles, developed by a small team and put out to grab some Ad funding for a larger project…or just to make money.

Real Racing 3 has a…diversified approach to in-game currency. There are two currencies: Race Dollars, usually referred to in-game as R$, and ‘Gold’. Oh. GOLD! Original. You earn R$ by just playing the game, achieving things like completing races, advancing in your series, or completing a whole lap without crashing. Gold, on the other hand, is earned by watching advertisements, completing partnership deals, and earning Google Play achievements.

It’s these gold coins which pose the problem. Research from calculated that you need to basically play the game for 472 hours to buy every car in the game. If you wanted to straight out purchase them it would cost you $503. And this was at the release of the game. When there were 100 less cars.

You can see why people didn’t take gladly to this news.

Since release there have been some modifications that make the game more player-friendly, however micro-transactions still play a large part in the fun of the game.

Controls – Any Good for Mobile Racing?

Real Racing offers several different control systems, much like its predecessors. This is good, really, because there are all sorts of different devices it’s available on. Options for an on-screen wheel, a mode where you tilt the device to steer, manual or automatic braking, gear changing or even steer assists. Find whatever suits you best and get racing.


Originally, the game released only with Firemonkeys unique concept of Time Shift Multiplayer, or TSM. This allowed people to race with their friends wherever they were in the world and on different time zones.

They came up with a system where you race against the ghost of your friend. An A.I controls their path, predetermined through the magic of mathematics.

Although this is pretty cool, people weren’t happy there wasn’t just a standalone multiplayer mode in the game.

So they released one, for up to 4 players. There are weekly tournaments, too, if you want to show off. Compete with your friends and win trophies. Neat. Even if you live abroad and can’t access the Play Store, that’s why APKs exist!

Real Racing 3 Is All About the Cars and Locations

  • There is an ever-expanding collection of cars in RR, from real-life manufacturers. The game currently features over 250 meticulously detailed vehicles. Hit the tracks in a classic Dodge, speed around corners in a low-rider Lamborghini, or tear up the tarmac in a Ferrari. At the point of release every car was instantly purchasable depending on how much currency the player had – both real-life money and in-game currency. Following a series of updates, there are more cars now which require you to unlock trophies and win races to purchase.
  • Alongside the cars are a wide variety of amazing locations for you to check out and conquer. There are 42 courses in total, with real-life tracks making up the huge, huge majority of them. There are nineteen real-world race tracks, the game divides them up into different courses for different styles of gameplay. Some of these top destinations include Silverstone, the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, and Autodromo Nazionale Monza.

Overall, we do recommend Real Racing 3 if you love cars and car games. You can carry your Android device wherever you go and get started on that Series that’s been calling you!

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