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Red Ball 4 is a game wherein you control a red ball through a series of levels. Based on Physics puzzles, Mr. Red Ball is a squishy man of monument, of power, OF ULTIMATE PACE. This is the ultimate challenge. The greatest ever released on Android for an apk download. You have to play Red Ball now, or in the middle of night, seeping nice and sound, the Red Ball will come knocking, and destroy you without a sound.

Red Ball 1 through 3 were nothing compared to this masterpiece of a game. The levels are so complex, the graphics are so sophisticated, and the Puzzles are brilliant because you can enjoy them offline once you’ve downloaded and installed the apk file.

There’s a story behind Red Ball

The world is dominated by the evil squares. They have boring straight edges, fit extremely well into square-shaped locales, and cause a total menace by squaring up to everyone. Grab your balls and get to work destroying the square-headed menace!

Best features of Red Ball 4 apk

  • A whole new world of adventure from the magical and mystical world of Red Ball
  • 75 levels to explore endlessly, play them as many times as you want
  • What’s more scary than a square? A Boss Battle square! Big squares, spiky squares, fast squares…
  • Cloud Support so you can save your data as you play…nice!
  • Other than just navigating treacherous terrain you also have to solve some tricky Physics puzzles
  • The soundtrack is just a lot of fun in Red Ball 4 and truly suits the wacky nature of the game
  • You can even use a HID controller…if you want to take your Red Ball 4 gaming to the pro scene!

That’s it. This game is a lot of fun, very addictive, and comes from a long run of some of the best free Android games that you can download as an apk file. Next, install easily and get to saving the day as the wonderful Mr. Red Ball.

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