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Rider is an excellent, intense puzzle car game wherein you traverse a retroscape of deep synthwave and simple tracks reminiscent of the early 2000s browser hit, Linerider. Linerider meets Tron, that is. Download the game as an apk so you can get past Google’s version and region lock restrictions.

Perform mental stunts as you ride, flipping and spinning for no real reason other than the aesthetic. Stunts will help you survive, but pull off too many and your car will likely explode.

Bear in mind before you download and install Rider, this game is very addictive. If you haven’t got the time to enter into this bizarre neon world…be careful! Lots of reviews on the store talk about they’ve played the game for over a year…every…single…day.

Best Features of Rider

  • There are up to 100 challenges to complete in Rider. In the early stages the game is relaxing, fun and easy. The further you go, the harder the game gets. Don’t get too frustrated, take it easy, and take it slowly. Spinning around like a crazy person won’t help you on those tricky stages.
  • There are 40 bikes to collect, which is quite a few considering most of them are fairly unique. Not just the same model slightly recolored over and over again – there are also 4 secret bikes, but we can’t tell you about those. They’re a secret. You’ll collect bikes as you go, the in-game freemium policy is pretty clean for an Android game.
  • There are 32 levels, which doesn’t seem like many when other games on the store offer up thousands, but these 32 levels will last you a long time. Plus, it’s really the challenges where all the fun comes from in Rider.
  • Different Themes will change the game as you play – the speed at which you unlock them is quite well balanced, and you can just choose the one you like the most. There are 10 separate themes to unlock.
  • Check out the leaderboards to measure your skills against other players worldwide.

Download Rider now and see why so many people have rated the game so highly. APK downloads are fast and easy, getting the game straight onto your Android device.

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