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Additional Information of RULES OF SURVIVAL for Android

Category: Action
Compatible with: Android 4.0+ (Ice Cream Sandwich, API 14)
Version: 1.367213.399610
Price: Free
Author: Harry Alston
Size: 97.95 MB
Developer: NetEase Games
Get it on: Google Play
Updated: 2020/ 04/ 23
MOD: Yes


Download Rules of Survival APK – the game that all NRA gun nuts are jabbering about with rabid enthusiasm is now available on Android and already has ensnared the hearts and minds of over 230 million gun-loving lunatics. This is no small feat when you look at the overcrowded Battle Royale market, but why? Why do they love Rules of Survival so damn much?

It’s just so good on mobile and tablet! Many Battle Royale games, like PUBG started as PC games and then compressed their entire gaming experience to fit on the smaller screen, whereas Rules of Survival APK started from the opposite direction, making an incredible mobile Battle Royale game and then expanding it to PC later. The result is an incredibly sleek, smooth mobile experience on Rules of Survival APK, which has given rise to hordes of critics eager to crown Rules of Survival the king of mobile Battle Royale games.

How does Rules of Survival APK differ from the myriad choices of Battle Royale shooters?

A worthy question indeed!

I could be cheeky and just tell you to download Rules of Survival APK to figure it out for yourself, but seeing as how you’re already here, I can tell you’re curious – allow me to stoke the flames of intrigue for you.

There’s a lot going on in Rules of Survival that you probably feel like you’ve seen it all before; similar weaponry, very similar styles of play, landscapes and, given the sheer volume of the PUBG clones that have exploded onto the market like a torn bin bag, when you load Rules of Survival APK, it probably feels a little indistinct at first.

Look closer at Rules of Survival APK and you start to see the magic

One of the key elements to Rules of Survival, PUBG or any of the countless spinoffs that have emerged from the sewers recently is the ease with which you can gun people down. This is the central focus of the game – you need to be able to rapidly check your scopes, find that crosshair and plant it straight on the forehead of the enemy before firing off a torrent of hot lead death and blasting their skull open.

Easier said than done in a few games, but Rules of Survival APK boasts an incredibly smooth aiming system that is not only intuitive, but requires very little in the way of screen tapping before you’re dead level with the eyeballs of the other players.

Rules of Survival APK was born for mobile gameplay, PUBG merely adapted to it – this is one of the fundamental differences that is demonstrated time and time again as you play through Rules of Survival. It’s evidenced in many ways, from the responsiveness of aiming and shooting, to picking up weapons in a nuanced and sensible way, but also getting in and out of vehicles, operating vehicles and far more examples than I can list here – just download Rules of Survival APK and play it a few times, you can tell a lot of thought has been put into the actual mechanics of gaming here.

Battle Royale games are everywhere, what makes Rules of Survival APK special?

Besides a phenomenal gaming experience in terms of what I’ve already mentioned, Rules of Survival APK keeps the ante up with the preposterously large maps. 8km x 8km is a big bloody map and it usually it pretty blood-drenched by the end of it as you can end up in games with up to 300 players at once.

300 other bloodthirsty maniacs, trotting about a colossal island, all doing their level best to grab more guns than they have hands and then turn those weapons of destruction on one another as soon as possible. Pandemonium doesn’t even come close to covering it – Rules of Survival APK reminds me a lot of Battlefield, in the scale of the gameplay, but obviously smaller screens and incredibly cheap by contrast to Battlefield – you can download Rules of Survival APK free here, just a friendly reminder.

Also the vehicle selection managed to straddle that slim line between exciting and interesting without getting to be just straight up ridiculous. A lot of Battle Royale clones tend to offer your standard issue vehicular mayhem, garden variety wheeled malice at best, whereas Rules of Survival paid a lot of attention to detail in this respect, giving gamers a slice of the surreal but without going full Fortnite and making everything child-friendly colours, this is war after all. That being said, the bright yellow microlight plane with a minigun on the front is an absolute delight to play with, even if it looks more at home in Takeshi’s Castle than Rules of Survival APK.

One more note on the matchmaking for Rules of Survival – there’s a good sense of fairness at the core of Rules of Survival, the latest patch banned devices used by hackers, the matchmaking has started to make a lot more sense giving you fights that you actually stand a chance in. Nobody likes being turned into a human hamburger before they’ve even popped a few headshots.

All that’s left to say is that if you’re looking for a free to play Battle Royale with some flair and originality, then Rules of Survival APK has arrived, alas salvation! Download Rules of Survival APK free here and get stuck into the mindless violence of trying to bayonet people’s faces off. Rules of Survival APK free here for Android devices. Turn your Android device into a killing field, with a free download of Rules of Survival APK.

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