Rush Rally 3

Rush Rally 3 Mod APK 1.83

Brownmonster Limited Racing


Additional Information of Rush Rally 3 for Android

Category: Racing
Compatible with: 4.4
Version: 1.83
Price: Free
Author: Harry Alston
Size: 0 bytes
Developer: Brownmonster Limited
Get it on: Google Play
Updated: 2020/ 04/ 25
MOD: Yes

Description for Rush Rally 3 APK

Rush Rally 3 is a new rally racing game from Brownmonster Studios, the developer of both Rush Rally 1 and Rush Rally 2. This APK mod for Rush Rally lets you play this amazing game, comparable with some early-gen consoles in terms of its graphics, smooth gameplay, and complex career mode.

Sure, out there on the Play Store market there are literally hundreds of racing games. Why does Rush Rally 3 stick out? Well, it has to come down to its graphics. Running at a smooth 60fps on a half-decent Android device, this a mobile game approaching the standards of a PS2 era game. Not too bad for something you can hold in your hands while on the bus or on the sofa.

Reviews of the game have been overwhelmingly positive. Most people seem to enjoy the realistic graphics combined with a slightly Arcade feel to the racing. We’ll go into more detail about the positives and negatives of the game a bit later.

Is It Really Console Quality, Though?

The depth of the game certainly sounds like an earlier gen console. Of course, this mobile game doesn’t compete with the gameplay from a PS4 or Xbox 1, but there is still plenty of content here. There are over 72 brand new stages with multiple surface types (pretty essential to exciting rally racing!) These include gravel, tarmac (boring), snow and of course, the classic DIRT.

Beyond the multiple tracks and unique locations, there are also some awesome car details that make the whole experience fairly realistic for your average mobile game. There are dynamic changes to your vehicle as your race, such as car damage and performance deformation if you wreck it round a corner.

Career Mode – In-depth?

Rush Rally 3 has a brand new career mode with plenty of stages to race through. You can go for the fastest time possible in Single Rally and compete to level up and unlock more cars, or bash it out against other racers in Rally Cross, the intense PvP mode. Alongside progressing through the different stages and tracks you will slowly build an impressive garage of cars. Here you can upgrade, tune and customize your entire collection. Just like Forza, there’s a cool new paintjob editor where you truly personalize your cars. Wheels, neon, spoilers…whatever it is you’re after on your Rally Car, go for it with this new feature.

Multiplayer Mode – Android Games Can’t Exist Without It

Compete with your friends in intense multiplayer battles. This real-time multiplayer gives you a pretty neat console feel. There are also social leaderboards, of course, and old-school Ghost Racing allows you to compete against your friends who live on the other side of the world in a completely different time zone. Nice!

To be able to compete properly you need to make sure the controls suit you. Thanks to the clever control system behind Rush Rally 3, this apk won’t frustrate you like other racing games. Much like a controller or even a keyboard, this game offers a totally customizable system which can make use of touch and tilt devices simultaneously. Awesome!

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