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Additional Information of SimCity BuildIt for Android

Category: Simulation
Compatible with: Android 4.0.3+ (Ice Cream Sandwich MR1, API 15)
Price: Free
Author: Harry Alston
Size: 117.49 MB
Get it on: Google Play
Updated: 2020/ 03/ 10
MOD: Yes

Description for SimCity BuildIt APK

SimCity Build It is an APK you can download to get down to building a massive city, all from your mobile phone.

SimCity is a series once beloved the world over for its complex city-building mechanics and compelling atmosphere. From watching your sims go about their daily business to raining meteoric hell down on your well-raised populace, SimCity has always been a unique experience.

The height of the series popularity rests upon the shoulders of SimCity 4. Although the previous games, including the wonderfully nostalgic SimCity 3000 (a game we first played on a chunky CRT monitor, looking up city plans on an internet connection that needed winding up), have all been a brilliant way to waste 6 hours stressing over traffic in an imaginary city.

Now, this.

SimCity Build It. A mobile game you can now download as an APK. Developed by the now owners of the Maxis studio responsible for the original city-building greats…EA.

What is SimCity Build It? Does it stack up to those original greats?

Read through the official description of the app on the app store and you’d be lead to believe this game recaptures the magic. And in many ways, SimCity Build It really does. Arguably, there isn’t a better city-building game on Android. Many of the other games include cartoon-y graphics and a freemium level of gameplay that stunts your fun before it even starts.

You do have to build your city from the ground-up. Design before you build and work for days upon days to care for your bustling metropolis. Watch your skyline stack up on top of each other. Once you’ve spent a good few days of actual real-life time in the game, you will be able to trade, chat, compete and join clubs with other Mayors.

SimCity Build It Looks Good

You can build all sorts of different buildings and city features. Skyscrapers, landmarks from across the world, parks, factories and all sort of specialized buildings as well. These buildings all have an impact on your city, they’re not just aesthetic. You need to place them correctly to benefit your simizens in the long-run. Each building will affect traffic, tax and population growth.

Real-life challenges will pop up mid-game, including pollution, fires and traffic. You must build th right buildings to combat these problems, or deal with the consequences. Services are important for your city’s growth as well, including power plants, educational buildings and police departments. Fix traffic with huge avenues, highways and public transportation. These challenges will shape your city and their society within.

Creativity is Enhanced in SimCity Build It

SimCity Build It has been around for a while now. A lot of interesting customization and themes have been added into the game. You can design your city around the beach with a glitzy marina, lined with bars and restaurants. Build a gigantic waterpark next to your stadium entertainment complex to attract tourists and visitors to your city.

Your aim is to put YOUR city on the map, and for many other Mayors to ogle at the spectacle of your metropolis. Build a neighborhood in the style of your favorite destination, build landmarks like Big Ben or the Statue o Liberty, and discover future-tech like solar panel roads and more. Build casinos, movie studios and more tourist attractions. New updates are added quite regularly to the game.

Now This is Where Things to Start to Get a Little Weird

SimCity Build It APK has introduced some insane PVP gameplay, something missing from all other city-building games past and present. In this mobile game you join a club with other Mayors. There are lots of clubs for beginners, medium-level and those who are deep into the game. With this club you must come up with a plan alongside your fellow Mayor’s Club members to DECLARE WAR on other cities.

Declare war? Nope, there are no soldiers. SimCity Build It isn’t some wacky RTS version of the classic city-builder. Instead, you must unleash insane disasters on opponent’s cities. Disasters have always been a big part of SimCity so it’s great you can now use these in an effective, interactive way. And…in rolls the premium currency. SimCash. You can win this from using disasters but also require it for building certain parts of your city and more.

Other interactive features include Weekly leaderboards and challenge lists to compete with other mayors across the planet. Stick to the top and you’ll unlock amazing rewards.

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