SIMULACRA – Found phone horror mystery

SIMULACRA – Found phone horror mystery Mod APK 1.0.52

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Additional Information of SIMULACRA – Found phone horror mystery for Android

Category: Simulation
Compatible with: 4.0.3
Version: 1.0.52
Price: Free
Author: Harry Alston
Size: 0 bytes
Developer: Kaigan Games OÜ
Get it on: Google Play
Updated: 2020/ 04/ 02
MOD: Yes

Description for SIMULACRA – Found phone horror mystery APK

Download Simulacra APK and brace yourself for hours of intense horror mystery – Simulacra utilises the found footage medium to brilliant effect when you start the game, you unlock the phone of a woman called Anna. Anna has gone missing, nobody knows where she is or how you found her phone, but things only get weirder and weirder from there on out. Do you have what it takes to figure out the mystery? Can you save Anna? Download Simulacra to find out!

Simulacra plays out as a startling mix of horror and mystery, making a lot of worthwhile social commentary along the way, but ultimately Simulacra succeeds in setting players up to make a lot of difficult decisions in your quest to get to the bottom of the missing woman. Having invested a lot of time into creating a narrative that fluctuates and mutates as you play through it, the creators of Simulacra – Malaysian developers, Kaigon Games – have created fully-functional replicas of various real world apps that you must trawl through on Anna’s phone in order to get to the bottom of her disappearance.

Is Simulacra really the scariest game on Android?

While the premise that Simulacra presents to gamers seems quite simple, the actually routes that you’ll have to take to get to the end are not and there’s a lot of variation in the sort of tasks you’ll have to carry out – from contacting various friends, including ex-boyfriend Greg, to piecing together clues from Twitter replica, Jabbr and solving puzzles that point you in the direction of more clues.

What makes Simulacra that much better than the majority of games of this kind is not just the seamless integration of the fully-actualised apps that function as though they were real, it’s also the live action cut scenes that help to paint a more gripping and realistic vision of Simulacra. Anna is played by an actor and as a result gives a convincing performance throughout the game, giving you the impression of the found footage horror genre that was popularised way back by The Blair Witch Project and then expanded upon over and over.

Simulacra takes the players by the balls by giving a consequence to every action – if you decide to mess about make a few jokes using any of the apps you find on Anna’s phone, you can alter the outcome to the game and, perhaps more damningly, Anna’s fate. Simulacra pushes ethical questions in your face and forces you to choose between the bad and the less bad in your mission to unveil the truth.

Good God! How does Simulacra end?!

Obviously I’m not going to tell you that, but Simulacra is packed full of around five hours of gameplay, with each decision impacting what you’ll be able to do as the game goes on. This gives it a good sense of longevity and is really for players who like something with more narrative than just a first person shooter or open world sandbox. Simulacra delves into horror, but not in a grisly way – or not for the most part – the creeping sensation that all is not what it seems is at the quick-beating heart of Simulacra and the mystery element rewards players for intelligent play, but definitely takes into account the ethical code that you use when playing.

Naturally enough, Simulacra includes a post-game rundown of stats and decisions, what they led to, which choices were significant and – interestingly enough – how you stacked up against the other players. Will you find yourself making exceptional choices and if so, will they be exceptionally good or exceptionally bad? Simulacra lets you decide, it’s a game all about decisions and consequences, but is beautifully packaged in a convincing found phone scenario.

Download Simulacra APK free right now and see how you fare against one of the most gripping Android games ever created.

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