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Welcome to the APK download for Spaceflight Simulator, the leading space experience for Android mobile. From developer Stefo Mai Morojna, this mobile game sets an example for other developers. There are very limited apps and the focus on making the experience the best it can be for the players.

There is a premium version, or the ‘full version’, available for as a little as five dollars. This gives you access to new items and planets, but you can still download the apk to test out the game before you play. A lot could be learned from this game for other mobile game developers!

Best Features of Spaceflight Simulator

  • One of the coolest mechanics in Spaceflight Simulator is, of course, the planets.  What space game worth its salt doesn’t focus on the planets? The planets are realistically scaled in size, with some with up to hundreds of kilometers of diameters and others with millions of kilometers of space between them.
  • Alongside these enormous planets, there are pretty cool realistic orbital mechanics. You’ll need to utilize these so as to get into the further reaches of space, just like in real life.
  • For a mobile game, the universe in Spaceflight Simulator is a little bit mind-boggling. When you spot a distant planet, you can go there. No restrictions. No invisible walls in this universe. Pretty impressive for a game you download as an apk.
  • Although the game relies on fairly simple graphics, the complexities of the game are pretty sophisticated. Design and build your own spacecrafts and then control their flights. Disengage certain parts of the craft, control orbit speed, and successfully land your spaceship on foreign planets. Nice.

Here are the places you can visit in Spaceflight Simulator

  • Mercury. This is the smallest and innermost planet in the solar system. It has a unique orbit around the sun which means, if you happened to be an observer on Mercury, you would only see one day every two Mercurian years. Science. And stuff. Take off on your Spaceflight Simulator ship to have a look for yourself.
  • Venus. The second planet from the Sun with its own unique quirks you can check out. Basically, it rotates in completely the other direction from most other planets – the Sun rises in the west and sets in the east. Weird! Despite Venus’ similarity in shape and mass to Earth, it is also radically different. It has a very dense atmosphere composed of more than 96% carbon dioxide. Don’t breathe that.
  • Earth. Well. That’s where we live. Currently, the only astronomical object known to harbor life, not saying there aren’t aliens out there. This is where all your ships will launch from for outer-planetary exploration.
  • The Moon. There are many moons in the universe, but this moon is ours. It controls our tides and protects us from many asteroids. It’s the second densest moon after Jupiter’s Io and scientists think the orbital body likely formed after Earth collided with Theia, a Mars-sized body, some millions of years ago.
  • Mars, the Red Planet. Named after the Roman god of war, Mars is the fourth planet from the sun and the second-smallest in the Solar System. The iron oxide on its surface gives it its red color and makes it one of the most recognizable celestial bodies in the sky.
  • Phobos. This is Mars’ inner moon, an irregularly-shaped twin moon of Deimos. Models and scientific research believe that Phobos is a sort of space trash pile held together by gravity and a thin layer. They believe that within 30-50 million years it will collide with Mars or create a planetary ring, a bit like Saturn. Better visit there quick in Spaceflight Simulator APK.
  • Deimos, Mars’ outer moon. This is a much smoother planet than its sister, Phobos. It’s still an irregular shape and looks a little like a giant stone. Not much is known about the planet, and much of the physical features are yet to be named.

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