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Standoff 2 is a fantastic FPS game that you can download as an APK and play on your Android phone now. Based roughly on the successful Counter Strike series, Standoff 2 is an awesome game. Firstly because you can play right off your phone. Secondly, there’s plenty of multiplayer action to be had – have you got what it takes to wipe out the terrorists or counter terrorists?

Game features

Since the original Standoff game there has been a lot added to make the experience even better. Now there are an impressive 6 maps to choose from, most of which are based on apps from the original Counter Strike game. These are classically designed map with plenty of smart choices made by the developers. This makes the battles even more intense.

There are 3 cool gamemodes to choose from which keeps fresh in the game. These modes include Deathmatch, Defuse the Bomb and Arms Race. Deathmatch is your classic battle where you kill as many as you can. Defuse the Bomb is a little like Search and Destroy. Arms Race upgrades your weapon as you kill more people – a bit like Call of Duty’s gungame.

Add friends in-game to keep track of your favorite team mates, host your own lobby to customize the game just how you like it and invite your friends to play, and use the comprehensive messaging system to keep in contact with pals you make in game!

Other useful features include trades between players for unlockables, HUD and Crosshair customization and cool text features!

Download Standoff 2 now and jump into this competitive multiplayer battlefield, playable off your Android phone or device. APKs are easy to download and install

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