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Additional Information of Stardew Valley for Android

Category: Role playing
Compatible with: 4.4
Price: Free
Author: Harry Alston
Size: 0 bytes
Developer: Chucklefish Limited
Get it on: Google Play
Updated: 2020/ 04/ 02
MOD: Yes

Description for Stardew Valley APK

Stardew Valley is one the decades finest titles, now ready to download as an APK mod for Android devices. Grab the rake and hoe in Stardew Valley apk and progress through this fabulously-detailed, consistently-surprising, and addictive adventure game. More than just farming: this is the magical world of Stardew.

The latest version, 1.3, features new story content although the multiplayer functionality is not supported. Must be mentioned that SV actually costs money, therefore there are no in-game purchases necessary. Sweet mother of farm-Jesus, that makes a big difference, right? A one-off payment and you get the whole game for free? INSANITY! To the turnip fields!

Oh, by the way: this game has won multiple awards, including its most prestigious titles of Winner of Golden Joysticks’ Breakthrough Award and a 2017 nominee for the BAFTA Game of the Year Award. Don’t know who beat it to the post, we were too busy digging up carrots.

What is Stardew Valley APK Mod?

ConcernedApe’s indie farming game RPG comes to Android with a bang. You’re but a simple city lad out on an adventure to find yourself in the countryside, like some sort of virtual Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall. Choose your own name, though, not that posh-sounding waffle. Go for a name like Brick, or Amanda. Whatever.

Even the mobile version of Stardew Valley, which usually retails at about eight great British pounds, offers over fifty hours of gameplay. And that’s just on your first run. You’re likely to play the game again. And again. Quickly you realize that you are spending hours reading guides on how to optimize your farm, which crops are best to plant, and who in the village you should schmooze first.

Best Features In the Game of Every Aspirational Farmer’s DREAMS

  • Start off with a bog-standard overgrown bit of land your uncle or someone left to you after they popped the bucket. String up their corpse as a scarecrow in the field to let the crows pick at them for leaving the farm in such a mess. Just kidding. You can’t do that. But you can start hoeing and raking and shoveling up all those bushes and trees and rocks and stuff. There be good land under there, farmer, you just gotta sniff it out.
  • Pick up some animals from the market and rather slaughtering them for their sweet and juicy meat, give them a buddy and start making some BABIES. Use these fledgling herds to draw in some extra income and keep those creatures HAPPY if you don’t want them to plan your demise together.
  • Grow a variety of different crops. Stardew Valley is like Farmville on steroids, meant for the serious gamer rather than a forty-year-old Facebook-crazy individual with too much money floating around to spend on farm decorations and golden cows. You get to design the farm how you want it with every item in the game available for free as long as you’re willing to grind it out.
  • There are TWELVE potential marriageable individuals in the town. Play the field (hah) and find the life-partner that best suits your needs and wishes. Need them to wake up early clean the horse feces out of the chicken coop because the horse keeps wanting to poop on the chickens? Find yourself a husband/wife who unfailingly follows your every command.
  • Over the year, all sorts of festivals, quests, and village fetes pop up. Head down the bumpkin road into the village and show your face among the denizens of Stardew Valley. Flirt, trade, prosper. You’re the new farmer in town and your rake is pretty damn big.
  • Beyond the ordinary tasks of country life, there are also some damn spooky mines in the corner of the village. Delve deep into their moist depths and discover dangerous monsters to bop over the head with your shovel and collect valuables ores and other treasure.
  • If you prefer something more laidback, fishing is a big part of the Stardew Valley apk game for Android. Sit back on a sandy bank or on a stool in a bushy shrub and fling your baited line out in the softly undulating waters of Stardew. Or, head to the seaside for oysters for breakfast and a crab tea.

Changes to Stardew Valley for Android

Yeah, so the game was originally released for PC. As a result, they’ve made some pretty useful changes to the game for its apk release. This includes a reworked control system for a touch screen. Mobile-specific features include auto-select and auto-attack so your fingers don’t get sore. There are different options to choose from so you can play however is the most comfortable for you.

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