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Download Stickman Hook APK and prepare to lose countless hours of toil and misery to this absurdly addictive arcade game! Ostensibly a fairly benign game that operates on the simple premise of a race to the end of the level, Stickman Hook plays heavily on free form physics that send your stickman hurtling, cart wheeling and sailing through the air in a bid to avoid dropping to his inevitable demise.

Stickman Hook’s developers, MadBox, have probably had to fend off a few legal disputes regarding the shocking similarities to Spiderman that their unnamed protagonist displays, although admittedly that is mostly in the web-slinging actions rather than anything else, because that is essentially all there is to Stickman Hook. It’s a remarkably simple game but with a wonderfully detailed physics engine at the core of it that makes swinging from landing pad to grapple-hooks immensely satisfying.

For smooth, free-flowing action, download Stickman Hook APK and get hooked!

What’s the objective of Stickman Hook?

Stickman Hook APK isn’t an especially detailed game in terms of plot, narrative or back story, but that’s ok – this sort of arcade game thrives in a vacuum, nobody knows the real life of Pac Man for example and he’s pretty much one of the top dogs in the arcade game world.

Anyway, dispensing with petty things like names for characters or a reason for the characters to be doing any of the things that they’re doing, Stickman Hook dives face-first into an exhilarating world of acrobatics that the player controls by tapping on the touch screen at the appropriate points to ensure the stickman flies through the air with the grace and poise of a ballerina and catapults himself smoothly over the finish line.

This magnificent 2-D animated game looks daunting to begin with, given the relatively few points upon which to rappel to and from, Stickman Hook presents an intimidating looking universe that initially looks like it’ll take a bit of trial and error to navigate safely. However, you quickly realise that one of two hypotheses is true; either everyone who’s tried it is absolutely marvellous at Stickman Hook APK or the game is incredibly easy and given the wave after wave of agreement online regarding the difficulty, it’s probably hypothesis number two that wins out.

For all of the berserk back-flipping, crazy cannon-balling and frenzied flailing, Stickman Hook is actually quite a calming game to play through, with rudimentary controls that make it easy to get stuck into, even for a non-gamer. Hardcore gamers may find that Stickman Hook lacks enough of a hook to pull them deep into it, but for the casual, time-waster gamer, Stickman Hook is a delightfully simplistic pleasure to behold, not to mention a visually compelling series of arcs, curves and flight paths.

Should I download Stickman Hook APK?

Well firstly, Stickman Hook APK is free to download here, so it can’t hurt to download Stickman Hook APK free here – it’s not like you’re losing your hard-earned money to play through this 2-D delight. That frees you up to do all the things with money that you actually enjoy doing, because let’s face it – the vast majority of mobile games aren’t worth paying for, or at least not with real-world money. Time and effort, sure, but hands off the cash mobile games – Stickman Hook is a prime example of the wonders of free gaming.

Whether you’re stuck in a dentist’s waiting room, bored mindless on a morning commute or stuck with a few minutes to kill, Stickman Hook is the perfect remedy as it’s probably not engaging enough to consume you whole, yet it’s distracting enough to make the waiting go a little faster. Also, as mentioned, Stickman Hook is remarkably easy, which may frustrate hardcore gamers, may also provide a lot of people with an innate sense of satisfaction at having accomplished something. Certainly, nobody will be throwing their Android device at a wall in frustration when playing Stickman Hook, making it a stark contrast to an oddly similar game – Getting Over It With Bennett Foddy, which has been dubbed the hardest Android game ever invented and yet works on a similar premise.

Either way, if you’re looking for a way to fill the dead time in your life, Stickman Hook APK is a great void-filler and certainly better at counting the teeth in other commuters’ mouths or reading through the long-since expired magazines in the dentist’s office waiting room. Download Stickman Hook APK and relieve yourself of the tedium of modern life, after all it is free. You can download Stickman Hook APK free here today.

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