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Download Subway Surfers APK and finally take that trip to London you’ve always wanted, except through your Android device and free. Besides, this trip will be unlike any other, Subway Surfers takes you through the tunnels rather than the sightseeing attractions, as you run, dodge and hoverboard your way through London’s complex underground system.

Dodge trains, jump over gaps and surf your way through the vast hive of tunnels that make up London’s 155 year old transportation network, only with Subway Surfers. If you tried this in real life you’d either be arrested or smashed into a pulpy mess of human jam and smeared across a carriage of screaming passengers, so Subway Surfers really offers you a chance to decouple from the grim bone-breaking realities of what you’re up to.

However, in the fantasy world of Subway Surfers – a world that you should under no circumstances try to recreate in real life, I know what you Londoners are like and trust me when I say you do not want to do what Jake, Tricky and Fresh are doing in Subway Surfers. Subway Surfers APK is a game you can download for free on Android, running through the tunnels of the London Underground and trying to grind on trains with a hoverboard is as dangerous and irresponsible as it is awesome, so only do it on Subway Surfers APK.

What cool stuff can I get up to in the London of Subway Surfers?

Well, if you’re Jake, Tricky and Fresh – a hyper-cool gang of youths that don’t sound at all the names of undercover cops trying to unveil a high school drugs ring.

“Hello fellow kids, my name’s Fresh, this is my pal, Tricky – you wouldn’t know where I could purchase any illicit substances would you?”

Tragically named and cursed from birth, Jake, Tricky and Fresh are the stars of Subway Surfers and like all teenagers, they want to see exactly what they can get away with by throwing themselves recklessly into one hole after another, except this time the holes are in walls – otherwise known as tunnels – and full of trains.

Basically, you won’t get the conventional view of London with Subway Surfers APK – if you download Subway Surfers you’re not going to get a cuppa tea with fish and chips, instead, you’re confined to subterranean London where you’ll run away from a particularly underpaid Transport for London ticket inspector and he’s faithful dog.

It’s all fun and games until someone gets splattered by a train

Subway Surfers is a great way to get off the rails a little, because it’s so far removed from the reality of the situation. If you get caught, you won’t be hauled off by British Transport Police, nor will the ticket inspector’s dog maul you till you’re bloodied and weak, instead the game ends and you start the level over. Not only that, but if you’re hit by a train, it doesn’t result in the delayed commute of several thousand Londoners while the Tube’s Emergency Response Unit pick your shattered teeth off the tracks, again – you just restart the level and carry on running.

The game must go on in Subway Surfers APK – whether you get caught or mowed down by a locomotive vehicle, you’ll need to find the strength to commit to playing through the level again. Subway Surfers is a pretty addictive game, one that lures you in with nicely optimised graphics, a dimly down-with-the-kids soundtrack and the cartoonish portrayal of youthful rebellion.

Trade out your own two feet for far more efficient means of transport – hoverboards, paint-propelled jetpacks and sleighs are just some of the ways you can surf London’s Underground in Subway Surfers, but the further you progress, the more opportunities arise!

Download Subway Surfers APK now and get your unique underground tour of London – free download Subway Surfers here, here!

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