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Additional Information of Survivalcraft 2 for Android

Category: Adventure
Compatible with: 2.3.3
Price: Free
Author: Harry Alston
Size: 21M
Developer: Candy Rufus Games
Get it on: Google Play
Updated: 2019/ 06/ 03
MOD: Yes

Description for Survivalcraft 2 APK

SurvivalCraft 2 now available to download as an APK. SurvivalCraft 2 is definitely not a shameless ripoff of Minecraft in any sense of the word. No, this is a totally unique and original game concept with its own awesome assets, available with a $4 purchase.

Updates to Survivalcraft

With the new 2.1 updates, the guys over at Candy Rufus games, the geniuses behind Survivalcraft, have added a whole lot of stuff to the game. There have been over 100 additions. Absolutely huge! Has completely transformed the game with these much-needed content additions which take SC from an ordinary poor Android game to an experiencing worth investing in. Of course, you could always download Minecraft instead, but if you want a more gritty, realistic experience, Survivalcraft is the way forward. Here’s a rundown of all the added content from the new 2.1 update.

Play Survivalcraft APK With Your Friends

  • You can now play with up to three friends in the split-screen mode. You’ll need to stream the device to television though and allow each player to use a separate Xbox gamepad, which has now been added to the game’s support list. There’s no way anyone can ever see the detail needed to play the game on an average-sized tablet.
  • Female player models have been added to the game. Equality, at last! Humankind has succeeded. ALL PRAISE SURVIVALCRAFT 2! There are now 4 male and 4 female models in the game, all with new clothes to wear! This means your friends can choose a model that best suits them and then dress them up!

New food mechanics

  • A food rot mechanic has been added to the game. Yet to be seen whether this feature is loathed or appreciated. Plus, all the models for food now have 3D versions. 3D models have also been added for coal, chunks, etc.
  • Other interesting food mechanics added, like coyotes/wolves, etc drop rotten fish/meat, which, you guessed it, if you eat it you’ll get sick. You also can’t eat the same food all the time in case it damages your internal organs. New food has been added like pumpkin and rotten pumpkin soup. Sounds tasty, huh?

Animal changes and upgrades in Survivalcraft 2.1

  • Herding has got an update. Chasers (like your cute pups) now break off and return to the herd when they get too far away. Bison also have a brand new herd drive feature, drive a herd of Bison onto an animal you want to squish and murder.
  • Jaguars, Tiger Sharks, and Leopards have also been added to the game. Spicy. Now you can get your little virtual face ripped off by a horde of vicious wild animals. A fantastic life lesson for those young ‘uns out there keen to camp out in their backyard. Thankfully, they have also added the option to disable spooky supernatural creatures for kids who are a bit scared.

Changes to the physical world of Survivalcraft

  • Added sweet new rivers. Plus, the mountains are higher and more rocky. Exciting stuff. Biome size settings have also been added into the game, so you can make your favorite biomes much larger! There is also an option for island generation with different sizes available as well. Looking forward to exploring it all? To take in the beautiful new landscape, your view distance has been extended to 320 blocks.

Changes to gameplay and quality of life fixes

  • Customizable paint colors to decorate your homes in the most beautiful fashion. Amazing.
  • Updated UI animations and menu music added to add a little slickness to the game.
  • Changes made to player level and progression routes. You now need to be level 2 to use diamond tools/armor/weapons. Your player character has also been made slower, and the only way to speed up is to gain experience or get some shoes on!
  • Weapons and gear have been changed. Musket and crossbows now have better durability and strength, and the medium-sized keg now does more explosive damage. Cotton clothes give you a low 10% level of protection or absorb 10% of attack damage.
  • Sickness and flu have been added as well. Fantastic. A little bit of RNG to make this Survival game even more fun to play. What’s better than falling ill in a videogame? Temperature now falls at night, and other big changes have been made to the biome temperature system, so make sure you’re wrapped up warm inside otherwise you’ll likely fall sick. New mechanics revolving around sickness include coughing attacks and fits and puking.

Story Overview, The World of Survival Craft

Waking up from a deep slumber, you find yourself on the bizarre shores of a blocky world. Everything is a cube. Even your toes. Five little cubes on each cube-foot. Now you need to survive.

First, explore. Simple. Head out and wade through the cube-grass and discover a nice cube-place to call your home.

Next, mine different resources. Smash on those rocks with the tools you’ve crafted and the weapons you’ve made. Use explosives to rip huge holes in the earth and collect the delicious ores and other such magical underground gems. Then, take those minerals and create complicated electric devices to make your life easier. Pistons help you to build machinery that moves.

Build traps. Grow a farm. Tailor some sweet garms to rock in your new cube-universe. There are 30 different animals to herd, master, and eat. Wool from sheep, meat and milk from cows. Delicious. Grab a horse to ride, a camel or donkey for your gear, and keep all your cattle together by herding them like the laid-back shepherd you’ve always dreamed of being.

Build a shelter in your own imagination then create it on your blocky canvas. This shelter needs to look cool so you can share it with your friends online, but it also needs to serve the purpose of keeping you warm and alive during cold nights riddled with spooky creatures. Fill your new house with custom furniture, use different paint to add a splash of color.

Build yourself a wardrobe and fill it with outfits, both practical and handsome. There are over 40 different types of clothes and various items which can help you protect yourself against animal attacks or the cold weather.

Just like Minecraft, this Survivalcraft APK download brings all the loved features of survival games to your Android device: caves, logic elements (like Redstone but better), infinitely-generated worlds, weather modes, animals, armor, weapons, gear. Survivalcraft is a little different inasmuch the gameplay stresses its realism, the graphics are a bit more gritty, and there are proper simulations for the weather and explosions.

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