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Talking Tom: Gold Run is a 3D Endless Running game that takes the iconic Talking Tom character – called Tom, funnily enough – and brings into the mobile era proper with a Subway Surfer style game for Android via an apk download.

In this game you play as a cast of different characters, including Talking Tom the maestro cat himself, plus all his mates: Angela, Hank, Ginger and Ben. The aim, like any other Endless Running game, is to make it as far as you possibly can while also collecting as many gold coins as possible.

How to play Endless Running games

Sliding your finger across the screen is the ideal way to control these types of games. Just like the iconic Temple Run, you need to slide down, jump up, side-to-side and dodge various obstacles in your path. Walls, barriers, cars, anything you might come across in your typical street scene!

Try to last as long as you can so you can get extra coins, allowing you eventually to add cool upgrades to Talking Tom’s house. More upgrades will unlock you rooms for the extra characters to come and stay alongside you, which will also allow you to play as these fun quirky kids!

Talking Tom: Gold Run is a well-made Endless Running game – the mechanics are familiar, the graphics are smooth and pretty excellent, and you’re bound to get tens of minutes of entertainment out of it. However, this game really is similar to the Subway Surfers apk you can also download and play.

Take your pick, both games are pretty sweet!

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