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Tank Stars is an awesome free game that you can download as an apk today. This is an arena-style game a bit like the famous Worms series. You have to aim your missiles, rockets and other deadly artillery at the opponent and eradicate them with perfectly timed shots. If you love strategy games and games that you can learn the skills of, we recommend Tank Stars!

Best features of Tank Stars APK

First of all, the gameplay of Tank Stars is very satisfying. Have you ever played one of those Stickman archer games, or Worms? You have to use Physics and pure, unadulterated skill to eliminate your enemies tanks!

There are lots of different abilities to unlock in-game. There is a volley attack, rockets, attack drones and more. You unlock these as you progress through the game, either by leveling up or by unlocking chests as you play.

Beyond the abilities you use in-game, you can also unlock different tanks. These will have better health, look a little different in style, or move faster/have more fuel. This is important because the mechanics are similar to Worms where you can move before you fire. Using this technique makes sure your opponent can’t hit you over and over again easily!

The graphics, sound design and general aesthetic is very pleasing. Relive all the chaos of tank warfare with this great free APK downloadable game, Tank Stars apk.

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