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Tap Titans 2 APK

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Tapping is everything in this game. Tap to kill, tap to collect, tap to level, and tap to win! Tap Titans 2 APK download is available, here at APKnite.

Take control of your sword master and claim victory over your enemies. There are one of four classes to choose from:

  • Knight
  • Warlord
  • Sorcerer
  • Rogue

Many of these heroes have special powers and attacks with different effects. Like any great RPG, they leave enough variety for the player’s interest. So, pick the hero which best suits you. Or pick them all! The choice is yours…

As you progress through the game, you’ll acquire gold. In turn, use the currency to further progress the skills and abilities of your sword master. Following the Tap Titans 2 update, many more enemies and skills have been made available.

Prepare for an outrageously addicting game with stunning visuals. Not to mention, easy to access controls (simply tapping).

Build your hero’s stats, join a clan and grind through countless challenges! Likewise, make new friends and challenge each other for even more action.

The epicness is just a click away. Enjoy this slice and dicing mobile action-rpg anytime, anywhere!

Download the Tap Titans 2 game, now.

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