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Additional Information of Temple Run 2 for Android

Category: Action
Version: 1.66.0
Price: Free
Author: Harry Alston
Size: 87.70 MB
Developer: Imangi Studios
Get it on: Google Play
Updated: 2020/ 04/ 01
MOD: Yes

Description for Temple Run 2 APK

Returning, Imangi Studios brings an anticipated sequel to their popular endless running game, Temple Run. Welcoming everyone to Temple Run 2—new maze running adventure that not only adapts features of its predecessor, but also improves on old mechanics. That being said—new maps, new characters, new power-ups are all to be exploited during your attempted cursed idol retrieval and escape. Set off and run farther than ever before, collect a Temple Run 2 game download.

This time around, there’s an entirely new theme for Temple Run 2 based on pirate’s treasure. Once you’ve grabbed yourself another cursed idol, begin escaping. Come to think of it, maybe an endless maze is the idol’s curse. It would make for an ultimate, unescapable booby trap.

Temple Run 2 offers the same game with new experiences.

Nonetheless, relishing the Temple Run 2 download, before your inevitable death is still possible. Completing objectives can score you some rewarding treasures. Like an Indiana Jones sequel—the same old adventure, but with new prizes to be won at the end.

First on the list, you have a chance of collecting treasure chests. Each chest contains a prize inside, varying from tokens for unlocking additional characters or score multipliers. Be warned, treasure hunters. Objectives spike in difficulty as you consecutively achieve them.

Next, Temple Run 2 also bears unique power-ups, compared to the first edition. Each power-up can be exploited with upgrades. You could extend your endless run to pure invincibility, if enough time is invested.

Replacing the majestic resurrection wings—an inflatable tube. So much for treasure, huh? At least, it matches with the pirate theme of Temple Run 2.

Now let’s not forget the bounteous cast of playable runners available. Temple Run 2 actually allows you to play as the legendary Bruce Lee. This man has no place finding cursed treasure on a remote island, endless running for his life. It’s more believable if Bruce Lee were fighting off the swarms of creatures, rather than running from them.

You can even play as Egyptian Pharaohs like Cleopatra and Imhotep. Helpful tip, easiest way to avoid capture is by choosing Usain Bolt—fastest man alive. All of these playable maze runners have alternate hats or costumes to explore for your own pleasure.

Our Temple Run 2 download is free. That’s unimaginable for the amount of adventure and amusement you can get in return. You’d be crazy not to pursue the opportunity of the Temple Run 2 game download.

You can find the Temple Run 2 APK download in the Link listed.

Know your environment before running Temple Run 2.

Usually found within Maze running games is a tendency to astonish their players with a cluster of booby traps and dangers. We don’t want anyone to delete their Temple Run 2 APK download because of a few lousy and unexpected deaths.

Differing maps are set in Temple Run 2. Every location is loaded with gimmicks upon gimmicks. They can become quite annoying, if you aren’t prepared for the worst of scenarios.

  • Pirate Cove is the beginning map. Here, you’ll notice many familiar obstacles from the previous title. Just focus on stealing ye a couple o’ gold doubloons. Collect as many as possible without much complication.
  • Don’t be intimidated by Lost Jungle on the first visit. Trust us, you’ll get used to the whole man-eating plants and giant snakes. It’s actually a nice place, after a few runs. A present gimmick here is to slide your way across massive vines, whilst avoiding the carnivorous creatures,
  • Blazing Sands takes us on a trip to Egypt. If you haven’t mastered tilting your device, we recommend skipping this endless maze. Reminiscent of the Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom bridge scene. Be wary of the unexpected spike traps and geysers of fire spewing from the ground.
  • Set in, what we believe to be the arctic is Frozen Shadows. Obvious dangers are present, as such. You’ll experience avalanches and random stalagmites obstructing your path. You can take the time to enjoy the skateboarding sections here too.
  • Sky Summit is the final map, and quite possibly the more enjoyable of the bunch. Daredevils and adrenaline junkies, this is your endless maze. A floating sanctuary in the sky with zip lines and slides of water. It feels like a level of Tomb Raider.

Collect the Temple Run 2 download now.

Temple Run 2 APK is just a download away. Don’t miss experiencing the greatest sequel of a maze running game because of pesky pathways of death. Make haste and get the Temple Run 2 game download here.

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