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Category: Strategy
Compatible with: VARY
Version: 626294
Price: Free
Author: Harry Alston
Size: 0 bytes
Developer: Team 17 Digital Limited
Get it on: Google Play
Updated: 2020/ 03/ 14
MOD: Yes

Description for The Escapists: Prison Escape APK

Hello, criminal! Test your wits and talents as an escape artist in The Escapist Prison Escape game. This is where you’ll truly be tested as to whether or not freedom is a luxury to be enjoyed. Furthermore, plan your escape and get passed the watchful eyes of the guards.

You’ve done the crime, but you’re not ready to do the time. In this special sandbox game, you must experience life behind bars. Although, this isn’t the life you want. Meaning, you’re going to have to plan your early release.

Experience, thrilling immersive gameplay and strategic thinking. Plan an effective escape route to get to freedom. However, there are many other prisoners and armed guards lurking around. This won’t be easy.

You’re all out on get out of jail free cards. You know what that means, escape is the only option. However, with your strong will and determination, no wall can contain you for long. Freedom is inevitable.

Are you up for this challenge? Or will you decide to rot in your jail cell? If you’ve come to a conclusion, download The Escapist Android APK for free, now.

Use Your Wits in The Escapist Prison Escape

Be careful, as you are under strict watch of the guards. Strategy is key to escape in The Escapist mobile game. There are many different ways to plan and strategize your break out.

You’ll need to stay a few steps ahead of your overseers, in terms of cunning. Therefore, bribing and fighting through the prison ranks is key. Turn innocent items into tools, such as shovels or weapons to help in your survival and eventual escape. Additionally, if fellow prisoners like you, recruit them and build a gang of ruffians; you may eventually control the prison! But, at that point, would you even want to escape?


  • The Escapist Android aPK is an addicting prison simulation game. Steal utensils and use them to dig out of your prison cell! Find, steal & trade items different materials to craft escape tools.
  • There are over 6 themed prisons. So, try and escape from minimum security jails to grueling top-tier facilities.
  • In addition, you can build your stats. Using the exercise yard will build your strength, useful when you need to scale a wall. More so, increase your strength, intellect and speed. Remember, there are multiple escape routes. But, they require some thought to discover.
  • Use other prisoners to make trades with. You’ll also need to avoid contraband detectors. If you pass one with something in your pocket, that’s a quick game over!

Enough. You’re wasting time. How can you escape if you’re busy reading? Download The Escapist Prison Escape now!.

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