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The Sims™ FreePlay Mod APK 5.53.0



Additional Information of The Sims™ FreePlay for Android

Category: Simulation
Compatible with: Android 4.1+ (Jelly Bean, API 16)
Version: 5.53.0
Price: Free
Author: Harry Alston
Size: 33.12 MB
Get it on: Google Play
Updated: 2020/ 04/ 20
MOD: Yes

Description for The Sims™ FreePlay APK

Welcome to the APK download for The Sims FreePlay, EA’s official The Sims game for mobile Android devices. There are plenty of Sims-like rip-offs on the store, but this one is the most popular and the most official.

If you’ve never played The Sims before, it’s basically a game where you take a family of simulated human-beings through their life. Decorate the houses with lovely furniture, fashionable paintings, cool designs. Then post your Sims up in the house with their chic outfits and accessories. What will your story be?

The Sims FreePlay is an awesome game for fans of the series. Create and play with your sims in real-time, looking after their homes and wardrobes, and lead them towards their dream goals and ambitions.

Complete different goals of life and earn Simoleons. As your individual sim progresses you also have the chance to make your Sim Town the best place to live on the virtual continent. Different rewards are available along the journey.

Keep your Sims happy and reap the rewards of a good conscience and satisfying life! With hundreds of millions of downloads, Sims FreePlay is a fantastic game to download as an apk now.

Best Features Of The Sims FreePlay APK

  • Ultimate customization. Most of the magic of The Sims has always been the unprecedented levels of customization available to you. By far the best on mobile for this kind of thing, FreePlay gives you total freedom over your Sims.
  • At one time, you can have up to THIRTY-FOUR SIMS. That’s very impressive for an APK download. Design their homes with idyllic furniture and luxury fittings. Imagine an awesome mansion with multiple floors, two garages, and a swimming pool.
  • As your Sim family grows larger your Sim Town will also grow. This is to accommodate your growing needs. Once you build up your personal house, you also grow up your town. This will include stuff like a car dealership (for a sweet ride), a pet store to kit out your household with some puppies, a shopping mall for daily shopping needs, and a beach for weekend breaks.
  • Just like the original Sims PC game developed by EA, FreePlay APK features the life points system. You gain points by achieving lifestyle goals, like the perfect job, dream relationship, or a life-long ambition. These points are used to purchase unique and fashionable items.
  • Head on a trip over to your real friends’ Sim Town to pay them a nice visit. Make new friends with their Sims and carry on the relationships across different devices. Plus, you could check out their interior design…better than yours?

The Sims FreePlay APK is all about staying connected

  • The Sims has always been about the life of your Sim, but over the years, it’s also become more about the different relationships you have with other Sims in your world. Start romantic relationships, fall deeply in love, get married, and gave some babies of your own.
  • Pets are in FreePlay! Head to the store in town and pick up a cute puppy or kitty and care for it for life! A lifelong loyal friend.
  • Revolutionize your neighborhood with pool parties and BBQs for the whole clan to enjoy. Or, stay at home and have a chilled one by the fire watching the TV.
  • Get risque and naughty and stir up some trouble in town. Sims is always exciting when there’s drama around. Act silly with your teenage sims, be rude to your loved ones, or even turn down a marriage proposal for fun!
  • Whatever stage of life, from babies to seniors, there are dozens of stories to explore with your sims in FreePlay apk.

Work and Play in The Sims FreePlay APK Android Game

  • The Sims has always about as effectively recreating life as possible. That means your Sims are going to need a job, and beyond a job, a whole career. Start different dream paths through life, like becoming a police officer, a movie director, or a doctor. Unlike many Sims games, you follow your Sim’s footsteps when they head to their workplace.
  • Just like real life, as your Sims go to work they improve their social skills and earn more money with progressive increases in their talents.  In your Sims’ free time, why not follow a hobby? Could be something like cooking, playing the piano, learning to dance, or training puppies!
  • Keep your Sims entertained over the course of their life and they’ll reward you with lots of hilarious moments.

Problems with Downloading the APK version of FreePlay from The Sims

Two key issues with the APK download of this game. Number one: there are literally hundreds of microtransactions in The Sims FreePlay. So it’s hardly Free at all. Just like you need to purchase many, many expansions for Sims 4, you will also need to spend your hard-earned real life cash on FreePlay for Android.

As well this, you also need to have a consistent internet connection to actually play. That means downloading the file as an APK might be tricky: you might have to make an account, or your game might be blocked because they are aware you didn’t download it through the Play Store. Better to try out a VPN.

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