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Tomb of the Mask is a great little APK puzzle game for your phone. Running smoothly with a pretty cool and intuitive control system, you can navigate these puzzles satisfyingly quickly! A great color scheme means the graphics don’t have to be too fancy, you’ll still enjoy the aesthetic experience.

There’s a small background story, but nothing significant. You find a magic mask and the mask allows you to climb walls and wall-run. Now you enter the Tomb of the Mask. With awesome retro style graphics, lots of different levels to explore and plenty of puzzles to work out, Tomb of the Mask is worth downloading as an APK today.

Game mechanics, how to play

You must navigate a procedural generated series of vertical puzzles. Use your finger to slide directions, up, down, right, left. There are spooky, spiky walls and even some moving enemies the further you progress in the game. Each level progresses in difficulty as you go on.

There is a shop in-game which you can use to purchase power-ups that’ll help you complete the levels. These include things shields and boosts. You can use them to get past a tricky parts of each level. At the end of each completed level you also unlock a chest, which means you’ll always have some cool loot coming in Tomb of the Mask.

This all sound appealing to you? Download the Tomb of the Mask APK now and play straight away!

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