Traffic Rider

Traffic Rider Mod APK 1.61

Soner Kara Racing


Additional Information of Traffic Rider for Android

Category: Racing
Version: 1.61
Price: Free
Author: Harry Alston
Size: 79.89 MB
Developer: Soner Kara
Get it on: Google Play
Updated: 2020/ 03/ 05
MOD: Yes

Description for Traffic Rider APK

This is Traffic Rider, one of the best games on the app store and one of the best motorbike games for mobile of all time. Thanks to its slick graphics, compelling gameplay and addictive progression, you should really download Traffic Rider apk and give it a go.

The level of detail in this game is quite astounding for a mobile game. Soner Kara, the studio behind Traffic Racer, have really stepped up their game since this earlier title. If you really loved their older game, Traffic Rider still has all that original fun and simple gameplay that suits a mobile game so well.

This fantastic game transforms the endless racing genre. The full career mode adds countless challenges and awesome experiences. The first person view perspective is crystal clear with awesome graphics and immersive gameplay. Plus, there are excellent graphics and a real-life recorded bike sounds. All of that original arcade racer feel is there, but introduced into a next gen mobile game. Ride fast, upgrade and buy your new bikes to beat missions in the career mode.

Best Features of Traffic Rider

  • It has to be the first person camera view. Many endless racing/running games give you a third person perspective because it’s easier to render intricate details if you’re not up close to the action. Traffic Rider ignores that and gives you an immersive FPP experience.
  • Plenty of different motorbikes for you to choose from for those pistonheads out there – a crazy 29 bikes! The models are realistic and you’ll find some classic favorites if you know a thing or two about bikes.
  • The sound design is an important part of mobile games because you’ll spend quite a lot of time listening to it! In Traffic Rider APK all the sound effects are recorded straight up from REAL  bikes. Does it get any better than that?
  • Each environment in the game is detailed and moves from day to night variations seamlessly. This is a great addition to the realism of the game, completing the package of a truly immersive experience.
  • There over 70 missions in the career mode, providing you with hours of gameplay – this of course depends on how addicted you get to Traffic Rider! Once you complete the career mode you can still get enjoyment out of the online leaderboards and try to secure 30+ achievements.

Tips and Tricks For Traffic Rider Once You’ve Download the APK

  • Go faster, earn a bigger score. It’s that simple. Careful though – crash and you’ll lose it all.
  • If you’re zooming at a speed over 100kmh, closely overtake cars and other traffic get bonus score in the form of cash and multipliers.
  • One of the oldest tricks in the book, and one of the least safe: drive in the opposite lane and gain extra score multipliers and bonus cash. Be careful!
  • Pull some sick wheelies while you overtake or veer in front of oncoming traffic. Look, we didn’t say this game was a safe representation of motorbike driving, right?

All in all, Traffic Rider apk is a fantastic game that defies many tropes and negative factors of Android games. The graphics are excellent, there are no weird time limits or ‘lives’ and the gameplay is very smooth considering the level of detail. Download and install it now to give it a go!

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