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Additional Information of True Skate for Android

Category: Sports
Compatible with: 4.1
Version: 1.5.15
Price: Free
Author: Harry Alston
Size: 0 bytes
Developer: True Axis
Get it on: Google Play
Updated: 2020/ 04/ 04
MOD: Yes

Description for True Skate APK

Welcome to True Skate, the leading skateboard game on Android, now ready to download as an apk. This fun game has powerful graphics, a great control system which makes uses of your whole Android screen, and lots of fun challenges and deck customization.

Considered the ultimate skateboarding sim for your mobile phone, check the True Skate APK now. It should be noted that the original base game of this only comes with a single skate park, and all additional content is available through in-app purchases. Cough up for this hot and latest update of True Skate.

Best Features of True Skate APK

As we mentioned, this is probably the most fun skate game on the market currently. There are some others out there but this one really captures the feeling of those little tech-decks we used to play with when we were kids. Flicking around the place with our fingers. Here’s our True Skate recaptures that nostalgic fun with some latest decent 3D Android graphics.

  • Touch-based physics are fantastic. They give a real authentic skateboarding experience when you flick and trick your way around the map. Thanks to the graphics and cool sound design, it actually feels pretty real.
  • Realistic deck wear and tear. This is another way the game cleverly designs itself so that you feel more engaged with the skateboarding world. Scuff up your deck as you pull off some impressive grinds, or mess up and scratch your deck across the floor of the skate park.
  • The first free skate park is full of all the things you’d expect to find in a skate park. Stairs, grind rails, a bowl, half pipe, ledges and quarter pipes. There are hours of fun to be had on just the first map, but if you love the game then you can also go further with in-app purchases.

Other small features that make True Skate such a fun APK

  • Slow motion. This is a great way to watch your sick tricks in slow motion. Instead of heading down to the skatepark yourself and filming the tricks with your mates, just use the built-in slow-mo camera mode on True Skate APK.
  • As well as a useful slow-motion camera, there’s also a rewind function. This means you can recover from a few silly mistakes before wrecking or watch your most impressive tricks in reverse. Nice.
  • User-based challenges keep the game very fresh. This is a great way to accept the challenges of other players. Some of them are very complicated, whereas are a bit more straightforward.
  • If you have an awesome round and want to watch it over, or want to watch your moves to see where you can improve, check out the built-in replay viewer.
  • Think you’ve got the sickest tricks in the books? Check out the global leaderboards to compare yourself against some of the other best players in the world.

In-app purchases in True Skate APK

As all mobile games work in this day and age, there are significant in-app purchases. These two below are available ONLY as in-app purchases.

  • There are more skateparks and different locations available with further in-app purchases. We haven’t actually bought any of these maps so we can’t tell you whether it’s worth it. Like the game and want to support the developers? Buy a map or two.
  • You can also unlock Street League Skateboarding competitions and courses, as the official partner of the SLK.

More option in-app paid in the apk mod version of True Skate

There are also other ways to use in-game currency to purchase your way through the game.

  • First off, unlock all the different missions without having to progress through them yourself. This is just a short-cut to get all the content without having to spend time on the game.
  • Unlimited slow motion – oh yeah, we didn’t mention earlier that the slow-mo function in the game actually costs real-life currency, or at least it will after you use the minimum amount of currency you earn through actually playing the game. Buy unlimited slow motion with real money.
  • Likewise, you can customize your board…but you need to pay money to customize it forever. Otherwise, you need to use some of that minimal in-game currency. And wheel color changes, of course. That’s totally worth your hard-earned real money.
  • Lists and skateboard packs are ready to purchase as well.

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