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Vegas Crime Simulator is fun Android game that you can download as an apk today. Installation is easy and you’ll be roaming around the streets of Vegas causing havoc in no time at all!

Vegas Crime Simulator comes from a recent spate of games that are very similar, such as Car Thief and Spiderman Simulator. These games use very similar stock props and the actual gameplay differs little.

This iteration, VGS, is a faint echo of GTA San Andreas, both in the slightly old-hat graphics which are reminiscent of the PS2 era and the wacky dress sense of your main character. Hawaiian shirts have never looked great, especially not on an ax-wielding maniac charging towards your car.


And that’s exactly what you do in Vegas Crime Simulator. PULL OFF CRIME. Steal cars, bikes, motorbikes and tear your way through the city. There are a range of weapons you can use to cause absolute havoc, including axes, knives, machine guns and grenades. You’re basically invincible and it doesn’t matter if you drive your car at 60 into a brick wall.

You must complete missions to gain favor with the mafioso or lose your dignity! There are a couple of missions to do in the game, but we’d still consider this to be a sort of free roam experience where YOU make your own story. Hopefully more content is added to the game at some point…maybe! We’ll have to wait and see.

Become a total super villain evil mega-mind overlord in Vegas Crime Simulator. Bash your way through the police force, conquer the darkest parts of the city, and cause crazy damage. Getting your hands around the throat of the city is as easy as downloading this APK and installing it onto your Android mobile.

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