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Category: Action
Price: Free
Author: John Arthur
Updated: 2019/ 05/ 17
MOD: Yes

Description for WWE 2K APK

Download WWE 2K and you too can explore the delights of brain damage inducing wrestling moves! Get in the ring with WWE 2K – the only authentic WWE game you’ll ever need for your Android device, but better still, it’s free! Download WWE 2K right here, right now and get your wrestling career off the ropes and back in the ring.

An ever-popular franchise, WWE blossomed early in 1979, but really caught an international audience’s attention through the end of the 80s and throughout the 90s, building a solid fan base of rabid wrestling enthusiasts. Naturally enough, all the fans of WWE that weren’t rednecks or Americans were looking for a way to get closer to the action and thus, the first ever WWE video game was released in 1989, some ten years after the show started.

Things have thankfully changed a lot since 1989. Numerous atrocities that would’ve been considered normal back then have since been recognised as being just as crappy as they are. More specifically though, for WWE, it’s never been a better time since the first WWE game was released on NES in 8-bit – nowadays, WWE 2K can be played on almost any console.

All the thrills of WWE but on the small screen

WWE 2K brings the madness and the wild furious passion of WWE to your Android device and we bring WWE 2K to you free to download here!

Replete with genuine WWE entrances to the ringside, feel like an oiled up bodybuilding champ as you swagger through the crowd, ready to serve up a big dish of steaming hot pain to the fool who stands in your way. You can choose up exactly what crockery and cutlery you want your opponent to eat said raw pain with by choosing the kind of fight that you’ve always wanted to see happen.

Create your own superstar and embark on the career of a lifetime as you set out to woo fans, break noses and win giant belts that you will doubtless hand down to your grandkids, who will stare at them, befuddled by the hugeness of the belt and they will laugh when they look at the belt and then again at the dwindling corporeal mass you’ve retained after a lifetime of professional wrestling. WWE 2K doesn’t take you quite that far into the career stage, but it definitely gives you a good chance to trash talk some strangers, before throwing them to the ground with intent and malice.

Learn new moves, throw people through things, into things, throw things at people, through people – it’s really a game about beating the internal organs of your opponent into failure. WWE 2K is a solid choice as far as wrestling goes, the graphics beautifully render the agonised look on an opponent’s face when you suplex them hard into the dirt of defeat and they realise they’ll have kidney problems later on in life. WWE 2K lets you inflict damage that’ll surely leave your opponents with chronic ailments and illnesses.

In order to earn the titles and the giant belts, you first need to get into the ring and enter the training mode. Here you can perfect all your new teeth-breaking moves, practice on novices and level up your character so when the big title match comes, you’ll be ready.

Naturally, the party you’re here for – the online multiplayer mode is diabolical good fun! WWE 2K have really outdone themselves with the latest version of WWE – the online gaming experience is just as brutal and graphic as you want it to be. Using your 4G or WiFi you can dominate the ring and take on anyone from around the world – show them that your digital representative in lime green speedos is better than their oiled up strongman in a leotard by breaking his face on the floor. Yay!

Download WWE 2K for the most the immersive WWE game to come out since that other WWE game you loved. Download WWE 2K free and get in there superstar, go on – atta boy! Trash talk them first and then beat them silly with violence, only when you download WWE 2K APK free right here.

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