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Happy Glass Mod APK 1.0.48

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Categoria: Puzzle
Compatibile con: Android 4.1+ (Jelly Bean, API 16)
Versione: 1.0.48
Prezzo: Free
Autore: Harry Alston
Dimensione: 62.73 MB
Sviluppatore: Lion Studios
Disponibile su: Google Play
Updated: 2020/ 03/ 18
Mod Yes

Description for Happy Glass APK

Life is like a glass of water. Some people like to think of the glass as half-empty, others might say it’s half-full. Happy Glass thinks otherwise to either. Why not just have the glass full all the time? Have we ever considered how the glass feels?

It wasn’t until we had a crack at the Happy Glass game that an important fact was realized; even something as delicate and simple as a glass of water should be admired and appreciated.

Wait just a moment, look at the glass. Why is it so sad? So depressed? Isn’t that obvious, the glass just wants what every glass in this world wants—to be full. Is there anyone who could help keep our friend happy? Somebody, anybody, click the Happy Glass download and assist this transparent tragedy.

We have a faucet already set up to provide hydration for our “Sad Glass”, but there’s still a problem. There isn’t an efficient enough method of getting the water to connect with our glass. If only there was a way to draw objects to help “fill-in the blanks”, so to say.

We have a pencil, but this requires a skilled individual with an eye for art. Are you up for the challenge? Our friend’s mentality depends on it.

With absolutely nothing to lose. It’s safe, easy and free to lend your talents. Just go to the Happy Glass APK download client, no cost and hazard free.

The Happy Glass game is more than it seems.

The Happy Glass download is a safe APK file with no drawbacks. You don’t have to worry about infection or slowing the processing speed of your device, guaranteed.

The concept may seem generic, but the execution is outstanding and quite adorable, to say the least. Drawing lines is the requirement, in order to accomplish the simple task of filling a gloomy glass, making it cheerful again.

There is a degree of physics included, some strategic thinking should be applied at some points of the Happy Glass game.

The difficulty also spikes from time to time. Varying challenges will keep players actively planning the next move. Some challenges may include additional cups added to the equation or keeping the glasses stable while water is being poured into them.

A level of skill should also be involved. Drawing lines too long will lower your score, leading to less prizes and more effort, in the long run. Who knew pouring water into a glass could get so complex and in-depth?

Get comfortable with your Happy Glass

Each glass is ours, and ours alone. So don’t keep it looking bland and indistinguishable to other’s. Otherwise, it still wouldn’t be a Happy Glass, full or empty. If you’re scoring high enough and racking up enough of those coins, try spending them on customizing your glass.

Is your glass a boy or a girl? Have its face match the persona you want it to take. Add some blush or lashes to your glass, give it a nose. Cat, dog, or a pig. Keeping your glass cute and happy at all times is a necessity.

Change up the liquid color, while you’re at it. Maybe pour some type of juice or cola into your glass. Plain water doesn’t cut it. For a true Happy Glass, you’ll need a variety of tasty beverages catering to your glass.

Last is your pencil. Whatever the preference, edit your writing instrument for the finishing touches.

The Happy Glass Download link.

Some of these levels are actually really difficult to deal with. You’d be surprised at how stumped most people can become from a couple of trials.

Download the Happy Glass APK and share the challenge with your friends. It’s a great way to connect and test each other’s common sense and understanding of physics. More than that, it’s just and unbelievably addicting past-time activity.

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