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Categoria: Simulação
Compatível com: 4.4
Versão: 1.5.8
Preço: Free
Autor: Harry Alston
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Desenvolvido por: U-Play Online
Adquire-o em: Google Play
Data de publicação 2020/ 04/ 25
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Description for Youtubers Life: Gaming Channel APK

It’s the dream life to be a YouTuber who can get paid to express all their interests and passions! So, why not experience a piece of that amazing lifestyle? In YouTubers Life APK Mod download, you have the opportunity to live that life!

In this fun simulation game you’ll learn the everyday life of the famous YouTuber. Furthermore, you decide you niche and theme. What will it be?

Also, you will have to manage your time to take care of your daily obligations and upload weekly videos to the channel. At first it will be difficult to get followers, but the more videos you upload, the more they will increase! Do not get affected by the comments of your haters. Become a popular YouTuber and live your life surrounded by luxury!

Choose Your YouTubers Life Channel

Once you’re ready to begin making some viral videos, you’ll need to choose a niche for your channel. However, there are multiple YouTube channel themes to choose from for the YouTubers Life free game.

Here are all of the available options to select. Choose wisely…

🌟 Cooking Channel: The first channel available for the YouTubers life free game is the cooking channel. Become a master chef and show the world just how to make that perfect crepe. Editing is key! Make sure to make your meals to look as delectable as possible, for more views.

🌟 Gaming channel: You can start the way the richest YouTuber, Pewdiepie, did. The gaming industry requires a lot of attention to charisma and skill. Therefore, you can suck at any game, as long as you have a fun and engaging personality.

Record some of the best video game gameplays and you’ll immediately attract the attention of gamers. Additionally, you’ll need to purchase the best PC’s, consoles and most popular games.

🌟 Music channel: Make music cover videos of your favorite artists and songs. There are many ways to get started, just have the right quality Mic and get ready to jam!

Different Tasks and Features

The YouTubers Life latest version simulator has many different features and tasks within the game. In fact, check out all the responsibilities of managing your channel:

✔ Go shopping to customize your avatar! Personalize your look to be even more immersed into the simulation game. It’s not your channel if the character doesn’t look like you.

✔ Live the life of a vlogger; show off your favorite topics and ideas with all of your followers. Follow the path of how to become a popular YouTuber.

✔ Head to your own personal studio and edit your videos to perfection.

✔ Work your way towards becoming a YouTube billionaire. More so , you’ll need to be active on social media! Furthermore, copy techniques and strategies from other blogs!

✔ Finally, attend exclusive parties with all of your subscribers. Become the life of the party and live the life of a billionaire.

Last, you can share and join the fun with your friends. Share your amazing channels and attend various events with your buddies. All of this and many more awaits the life of a famous YouTube star. So get the YouTubers Life download APK for free!

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