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Nova Launcher Prime Mod APK 2019

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Chuyên mục: Cá nhân hoá
Tương thích với: VARY
Phiên bản: 2019
Giá: Free
Tác giả Harry Alston
Dung lượng: 0 bytes
Nhà phát triển: TeslaCoil Software
Tải về trên Google Play
Ngày cập nhật: 2019/ 08/ 15
Mod Yes

Mô tả cho Nova Launcher Prime APK

Finally, you can download one of the greatest third-party desktop app upgrades, completely free! Click on the link to get the Nova Launcher Prime download, 100% free.

Here are some of the basic features given from the original app, pre – Nova Launcher Prime download:

  • First, Special Icon Themes helps you locate thousands of unique themes for your Nova Prime icons.
  • Also, with Subgrid Positioning gives users more control of their browser.
  • Additionally, Nova Launcher already includes many customization options. There are Color Controls for unread badges, labels, drawer tabs, & backgrounds. And, the option to customize the app drawer to fit your preferences.
  • Most important for many users, the option to Backup & Restore your layout and settings. Never lose any valuable moments!
  • A Customizable Dock allows you to place widgets and freely scroll through your dock at will. In fact, widgets already come in an Improved Widget Drawer.
  • ”How do I change my desktop layout?” You may ask. Well, Nova Launcher Prime free already gives you the option to customize the layout of your desktop.

Nova Launcher Prime APK download unlocks even more features, at no cost! Check out what else is included, once downloaded:

  • Added Gestures: Now, you can pinch, swipe, double tap & many more to navigate through your apps. Also included, more scroll effects to mess with and special icon swipes!
  • Stay aware of your notifications. As such, an Unread Count helps to keep track of unread messages or notifications.
  • You can also create Custom Drawers for your apps.
  • There’s also the useful option to hide unused apps.

Don’t just take our word for it. Upgrade your mobile desktop now. Download Nova Launcher Prime APK now.

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