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Chuyên mục: Công cụ
Phiên bản: 0.9.3
Giá: Free
Tác giả Harry Alston
Dung lượng: 4.81 MB
Nhà phát triển: ZDevs
Tải về trên Google Play
Ngày cập nhật: 2019/ 08/ 15
Mod Yes

Mô tả cho ZArchiver APK

Zarchiver for android is the #1 file compressor available on the App Store. Obviously, this application is used for compressing files into a different format. However, this is just one of the many features available.

Why not try it out for yourself? Get the Zarchiver APK free download now at APKnite.

Some of the many features offered include:

  • Creating the archive types: 7zip, zip, bz2, gz, XZ, and tar
  • In addition, you can also decompress those same archives and many more types.
  • Also, you are able to view all mentioned archive contents.
  • What’s more, you have the option to create and decompress password-protected archives & multi-part acrchives.
  • There is an option to partially decompress archives.
  • You can open files in the Zarchiver app, without decompressing them. And additionally, open them from your mail apps.

All of these sound good to you? Well, we’re not done yet. There are still loads of key features available when you get the Zarchiver app download.

This app supports multithreading and even allows for national symbols filenames, which previously could not be used. And still still haven’t even scratched the surface of possibilities.

Let’s not bore you with the details. Get the Zarchiver latest APK available for Android, here at APKnite. You can thank us later!

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