OVERHIT Mod APK 1.19.108783

NEXON Company Nhập vai

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Chuyên mục: Nhập vai
Phiên bản: 1.19.108783
Giá: Free
Tác giả Harry Alston
Dung lượng: 93.33 MB
Nhà phát triển: NEXON Company
Tải về trên Google Play
Ngày cập nhật: 2020/ 04/ 24
Mod Yes


OVERHIT is the Greatest Looking Mobile RPG

Unreal Engine 4 never ceases to surprise gamers with its amazingly lifelike and beautiful graphics. Locations and unparalleled characters come to life and flow seamlessly together. Get the OVERHIT APK download to experience the most visually stunning mobile game in history!

This turn-based RPG has many warriors and factions battle it out across tie and space. Don’t waste any more time and click the download link now!

Build the ultimate team!

Build a team of super-powered Heroes with differing abilities. Likewise, you’ll never get bored or feel a lack of characters. There are over 120 Heroes to select from. It may take a while to pick out your favorites.

Each Hero has their own skill tree to unlock further abilities and upgrade stats. Although, the currency used is shared across all fighters. Spend your points wisely.

Strategize your OVERHIT game combinations

Unleash OVERHIT skills to put a dent in enemies! Experiment with all the different Heroes and coordinate the best combos. Choose your characters wisely, the wrong team composition can spell instant disaster.

Finally, a true challenge that brings out the absolute best in players. You’ll skyrocket through the ranks!

Form a powerful Guild with friends

Next, PvP is where OVERHIT truly shines. Grab a couple of your buddies and form a powerful guild of warriors. Then take on other players across the globe in PvP multiplayer battles.

Loads of features to enjoy!

Explore many different dungeons solo or with your friends. Daily dungeon arenas will also challenge your skills and abilities.

However, for the ultimate challenge between Heroes, test your luck in the Guild Raids. Take on some super-powerful enemies alongside your friends. Train up your Heroes, practice your combinations and strategies. And prepare for the greatest trial in the OVERHIT mobile game!

All of this and many more await when you download the best mobile RPG available! Enjoy the well casted Japanese voice actors, amazing graphics and great gameplay!

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