How to download APK files from Google Play to PC with our browser extensions

Introducing, APKNite own APK Downloader Extension. As if our site wasn’t already unbelievably easy to use, we’ve just made it a whole lot easier.
Our extension download is available for bother Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox browsers. Of course, we like to cater to as many users as possible.
For those unfamiliar with APKNite, we are a site that allows for the download of apps directly from the Google Play Store. The only difference is, obviously our files are mirrored into APK format. Resulting in the swift playability and functions for your own Android device.
Did you catch all of that? Good, so we can explain the perks of the extension available.

Simple Steps to the APK Downloader Extension

Now, let’s review the extremely effortless method to convert apps into APK’s using our APK Downloader Extension.
Try to keep up with these simple, 1…2…3 steps.

  1. Download the extension.
    First thing’s first. You’ll need to grab yourself a copy of our extension. You can find it from both the Google Chrome Store and through Firefox. Depending on your browser, there isn’t much of a difference between extensions.
    ->> Download extension Apk downloader – APKNite: Google Chrome | Firefox

    Download Apk Files From Google Play To Pc 1

  2. Open the extension.
    Next, you can open up the extension after it has completed downloading and installation. Opening the extension will direct you to our page. This page gives you an accessible textbox to copy & paste links onto. I think you get where this is going…

    Download Apk Files From Google Play To Pc 2

  3. Copy Google Store Link. Now, it’s time to go app-hunting. Jump onto the Google Play Store and find your favorite apps. Once you see something you like, copy the link.
    Download Apk Files From Google Play To Pc 3
  4. Paste in APKnite extension for APK download. Finally, paste the link onto the extension’s textbox. Pressing the download button will reveal an APK download. And voila! You’ve successfully created an APK download of any app from the Google Play Store.

Press download one last time to begin downloading your APK.

Download Apk Files From Google Play To Pc 4
One final thing to note is our QR Code compatibility. That’s right, once you paste your link, a QR code will become available from our APK Downloader Extension.
All you need to do is take a picture of our code and the download will become instantly available from your device. Now, that’s nifty!