Privacy Policy

What data does APKnite collect from users?

APKnite collects data from your account whenever you post a comment, which is why when you’re downloading from or registering with APKnite, we may request your full name and/or e-mail address. You may, of course, use APKnite anonymously if you prefer, but with Google, as our third party vendor, APKnite uses cookies to serve ads. Google’s use of DART cookies enables it to serve ads to APKnite’s users based on your visits and activities on our site, much in the way it does for any other site on the Internet. Naturally, users may opt-out of the DART cookies, simply by visiting the Google ad and content network privacy policy.

Why does APKnite need my data?

When we collect your data, it’s used in a range of ways that serves APKnite and makes it easier for us to operate competitions, promotions, customer feedback and helps us to optimise our site to give you the best experience we can

How does APKnite protect my data?

We take your privacy very seriously and as such, we’ve a strict policy on security, with numerous measures taken to ensure that whatever data you choose to give us remains secure.

Does APKnite use cookies?

We’re sad to say yes we do use cookies, although we promise – we only do this to better understand you and our millions of other fans.
For those who don’t know, we’re not talking about biscuits, cookies are tiny files that a site like ours or an internet service provider can send to your computer through your web browser (presuming you haven’t already disabled the use of cookies) that enables APKnite to remember your browser. Through this, we can capture information and recognise our regular users, but we do so to better understand your needs, to save your preferences for future visits and to enhance your experience on APKnite.
Cookies on APKnite will also track adverts, compile data about our site’s traffic and which parts are getting the most interaction, again this is just so that APKnite can continue to grow and develop in a direction that we hope you’ll like.
It’s also worth mentioning that we may have to outsource to third-party service providers so that we can actually make sense of all the data, however we only work with trusted third-party companies who’re bound by contract and by law to retain your data only for use in their contract with APKnite – they can’t steal it or sell it.

Will APKnite sell my data to third-party companies?

APKnite doesn’t sell, trade, barter, replicate or otherwise transfer any personally identifiable data to outside parties.
While this doesn’t include third-party companies that we hire to help us analyse your data from which to provide a better service, we ensure that those third-parties agree to keep your data confidential and refuse to work with anyone who doesn’t respect this request.
The only other instance in which we might give away your data, would be to comply with legal matters regarding law enforcement agencies, but only when absolutely necessary and fully appropriate. That being said, there’s potential for some of your non-personally identifiable data to be provided to other parties for marketing and advertising purposes, but nothing that directly identifies you.

Does APKnite use third-party advertising?
APKnite does use third-party advertising companies, their role is to create adverts for our site which we can then use to collect data from you whenever you use APKnite. The third-party companies may have access to some of your data, although nothing identifiable such as your name, address, email address, or telephone number. For more information about principles, practices and procedures of our third-party advertising companies, please enquire as to how you can opt-out.

Does APKnite use third-party links?

APKnite will, on occasion and totally at our discretion, offer products, services and opportunities on our site that have come directly from third-party websites. Please remember that with other third-party sites, there will be a whole host of separate and independent privacy policies and as such, APKnite bears no responsibility or liability for the content and activities of these linked sites. However, we take our integrity very seriously and should you have a complaint, please feel free.

Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act Compliance

APKnite is run in full compliance with the requirements of COPPA (Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act) and does not collect any data or information from anyone under 13 years of age. Our website, products and services are all directed to people who are at least 13 years old or older.


Simply by accessing APKnite’s site, you are consenting and as such agreeing to our privacy policy.

Changes to APKnite’s Privacy Policy

APKnite reserves the right to change and update our privacy policy at any time. Currently, the latest update was applied on 27/12/2018

Contacting APKnite

Should you have any questions about APKnite’s privacy policy, feel free to contact us using this form.