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Homescapes is a highly rated mobile game from the geniuses behind Playrix Studios. Homescapes combines Match-3 awesomeness with a consistent storyline and awesome graphics that’ll take your breath away when you realise they’re just running out of your Android phone or tablet. Now with the APK download for Homescapes you can play this awesome app on an older phone and get past any region restrictions that might be in play on the Play Store.

Homescapes is fun, addictive, and a brilliantly well-made app for your Android phone. Jump in and play now!

What is Homescapes? What is Match-3?

If you’ve ever played a mobile game or online game it’s likely you’ve crossed paths with a Match-3 game. The guys over at Candy Crush were actually the spearhead force behind a lot of the gameplay mechanics we see today, including the power-ups and mission-based levels. However, Homescapes takes this to the next level. The fun storyline that runs alongside the ongoing Match-3 levels follows Austin, your butler, and a dog, as they slowly renovate his parent’s house.

You start off with a ramshackle mansion still inhabited by two elderly folks. Everything is in a little disrepair, but has the potential to be gorgeous! All you have to do is collect stars to unlock different decorations, furniture and brand new rooms around the house. You get stars by completing levels and each item might need anywhere between 1-5 stars to unlock. Not only does this incentive you to keep playing but it also gives you a great reward when you beat a particularly hard level – a brand new comfortable chair!

How to beat Homescapes

Beating Homescapes is basically impossible at this point. New levels are added all the time and different challenges and seasonal fun are added to coincide with real life events, like Christmas or Halloween. However, you can still progress from Austin’s humble bedroom and cover the whole house with brand new and attractive accessories.

Match-3 games in this style have a lot of power-ups and other techniques to help you win. Homescapes has a handy tutorial that guides you through how the different power-ups work. Match 4 horizontally or vertically to unlock a power-up that destroys everything in that line, or match 4 in a square to create a paper plane which zooms across the board to a random tile…usually one you need!

The different missions and level-based challenges include spreading the carpet, destroying cookies and causing donuts to drop out of the bottom of the board. All the levels have excellent graphics as well, perfectly colorful and fun to liven up even your dullest morning commute! Thanks to the cool programming behind Homescapes the game does not much data to keep running so you can definitely play it on the go.

Try out the Homescapes apk now, and love the awesome Match-3 action.

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