Air Beauty Camera : Photo Collage & Selfie Editor

Air Beauty Camera : Photo Collage & Selfie Editor Mod APK 1.4

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Additional Information of Air Beauty Camera : Photo Collage & Selfie Editor for Android

Category: Beauty
Compatible with: Android 5.0+ (Lollipop, API 21)
Version: 1.4
Price: Free
Author: Harry Alston
Size: 26.1 MB
Developer: MaxoutApps
Get it on: Google Play
Updated: 2019/ 03/ 29
MOD: Yes

Description for Air Beauty Camera : Photo Collage & Selfie Editor APK

Download Air Camera APK for your Android device now – it’s completely free, but that’s not even the best part. This is one of the leading Android apps for photo editing and it comes to the table, toting a whole host of awesome features that help make your face look so much better than your parents did when they made you.

We can’t all be beautiful – beauty exists in the eye of the beholder and is, by nature, both subjective and comparative, so without ugly people, there could be no beautiful ones. Ugly people, rejoice – you have a purpose! Maybe being ugly to make beautiful people look more attractive doesn’t feel like much of a fulfilling purpose, but this is where Air Camera comes in.

This stunning app takes even the most visually repulsive face and applies a beautification filter that can take any distended facial features, botched symmetry or physical flaws and turn them into something at least halfway to loveable.

Air Camera is a far superior app than most of the photo editor apps available for Android, most of this is down to the sheer range of functions that Air Camera is capable of. It’s an accolade that gets bandied around a lot these days, but Air Camera really is your one-stop photo app.

Why should I download Air Camera APK?

Well, if you’re like most of the human race and hungry for money, then this is a solid choice of app because it’s free. Free apps rarely come in such delightful forms, but Air Camera comes fully loaded with the following nifty gadgets, gizmos and features.

Free Photo Editor with Air Camera

You can crop, rotate, blur, sharpen and much, much more with Air Camera. It’s perfect for the Instagram junkie on the go, but beyond just simply editing your favourite moments, you can prepare them for broadcasting – which is realistically the only reason you’re taking photos anyway.

Air Camera has over 30 filters to add to your photos

Get that perfect style overlaid onto your photos with Air Camera’s rich library of filters – including live filters! Choose your own distinct style that nobody else has and you too can punch your boss in the face, take a dump on his desk, quit your job and chase the dream of becoming an Instagram influencer, all thanks to Air Camera.

Download Air Camera and you too can live the American Dream by punching your superior as you skip merrily off down the gold-paved path of online stardom.

Make Collages and Posters with Air Camera

The fun doesn’t stop there folks, it goes on and on and on until you’re dead and no longer able to take photos, but I suppose Air Camera will still be there when you’re gasping out your last breath on your deathbed so you can get that perfect pre-autopsy selfie – it’s all the rage in California, probably.

Anyway, Air Camera offers you the chance to make your own collage images, perfect for those moments when you can’t decide which digitised version of yourself will garner you the most online validation in the form of likes, hearts and whatever else. Instead of having to choose just one image, you can turn several photos into one.

You can also make posters with Air Camera – although if you’re planning on using them alert the general public to a missing persons case, it’s probably best if you don’t heavily edit the photos before hand, nobody looks their best when they’ve been kidnapped.

Make Your Ugly Face More Attractive – Download Air Camera APK to Become Beautiful

The beautification and makeup settings on Air Camera can help turn your uncooked joint of a face into something worth loving and cherishing – or at least not vomiting at the sight of. All of this in a free app? Good god! Air Camera is awesome!

Edit out all those gnarly imperfections that keep you up at night with Air Camera APK – the best beautifying app on Android now. It’s so good, it can even make you look a bit less like you’re dead inside and slowly dying on the outside – remove wrinkles, brighten up those black rings around your eyes and tell nature to do one as you defy age, chronology and all things natural, only with Air Camera.

Download Air Camera APK NOW – Get it while it’s free folks, it’s too good to stay free forever!

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