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Category: Tools
Price: Free
Author: John Arthur
Updated: 2019/ 05/ 16
MOD: Yes

Description for Aptoide APK

Download Aptoide APK for free – set your Android device free with Aptoide, the ultimate open source indie app store. Google Playstore is great, but we all recognise its limitations as a truly open source app provider, whereas Aptoide screens their app developers before releasing their apps on Aptoide and ensures the apps are safe, secure, virus-free and, most of all, useful.

If you’re one of those Elon Musk cheerleader types who loves a good disruptor and refers to themselves as a digital nomad, then you probably use your apps for everything – who could blame you? The 21st century got pretty weird pretty fast, but as strange as apps have become in this burgeoning age of technological progress, few app developers get their apps to where they want them and a lot of that is down to the platform that they end up on. Apple’s App Store, Google’s Play Store and all the other big contenders have a tendency to overlook smaller apps and developers, but Aptoide offers a new way to get apps.

Is Aptoide really part of a digital revolution?

Possibly, I mean it would really depend on your definition of a revolution – it’s not exactly heads on pikes with Aptoide, rather they’re aiming to challenge the traditional notion of how an app is developed and distributed, by making something quite similar to Play Store.

Boasting a community-driven approach, Aptoide listens to developers who listen to app users, creating a circle jerk of ears, mouths and apps, but one that in the process of talking, listening and developing, somehow generates apps that otherwise wouldn’t have made it to your Android device.

This open source method of sharing information and knowledge over the internet harks back to the original intention of the internet. Tim Berners-Lee (or Sir Tim as he’d rather you referred to him) started toiling away on what would eventually become the internet with a vision of connecting researchers around the world to create a digital encyclopaedia that was free to access, peer-reviewed and edited accordingly.

Aptoide channels that spirit, at a time when the corporate overlords, financial movers, shakers and all-round gits have managed to privatise a lot of online content. No more is the Berners-Lee vision the stated aim of the internet, for what Sir Tim created when he innocently set about trying to liberate minds from the prisons of ignorance has now taken on a life all of its own. The internet is now a hideous hybrid mutant, comprising the very best and worst of human consciousness.

Think about it – you could spend your days surfing the web and visit every museum on the face of the earth in digital tours, pore over every masterpiece that adorns the walls of the Louvre, or teach yourself a new language, all for free! Once given this magical tool, we took it upon ourselves to fill the internet with more pornographic images than there are humans on the planet, an abundance of cats or just a series of mindless activities that you can pay for the privilege of using without giving a second thought to the fact that you’re literally wasting your life away on meaningless pursuits. Aptoide hopes to take us back a little way at least.

So, revolutionary? Not quite – but a good step in the right direction, Aptoide releases free open source independently built apps and sets them out across their app store, whether these are going to be used to ennoble the mind, nourish the soul or just find a free alternative to your favourite games is really up to you, but Aptoide gives you the tools, more importantly, it gives you them for free.

So I should download Aptoide APK onto my Android device now and stop scrolling aimlessly?


There’s a bit more to it than that, but in a nutshell, yes you should download Aptoide APK and figure out what apps you think will help you in life. There’s plenty to choose from on Aptoide and they’re all free, but here’s the weird catch – you have to build your own app store in Aptoide. This is how you access the apps, but don’t worry, it’s pretty intuitive and even the most prehistoric technophobe could probably manage it with a bit of coaxing.

Available in 40 languages and with around 800,000 apps available from Aptoide, it’s definitely a handy, ethical alternative to using the big data app stores.

Download Aptoide APK free here and join the revolution.

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