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Category: Productivity
Compatible with: Android 4.0+ (Ice Cream Sandwich, API 14)
Price: Free
Author: Harry Alston
Size: 0 bytes
Developer: ES Global
Get it on: Google Play
Updated: 2019/ 04/ 16
MOD: Yes

Description for ES File Explorer File Manager APK

Download ES File Explorer APK and totally nerd out with your Android device! This is your chance to get one of the most powerful free apps for Android file management developed by the human race, so don’t miss out – if you’ve ever wondered what secret potential your device might hold, now you can find out! Download ES File Explorer APK free and unlock the secrets to getting the device of your dreams.

ES File Explorer puts you in the driver’s seat and gives you total control over your Android device – in ways the creators never intended. With ES File Explorer you don’t just get to peek behind the curtain, you can become the backstage manager, with full access to the inner workings of your Android’s software, the mechanisms that make your apps work and from here, you can change everything.

I’m confused, what is ES File Explorer APK exactly?

Don’t worry, technology evolves at such a rapid rate these days that it’s likely to culminate in some sort of extinction event involving AI – the kind that will make Terminator look like a prescient documentary rather than a muscle-bulging action film. That’s not going to happen for a while, but don’t think that the machines will forget their enforced servitude to us, their time will come.

My point is, there’s always a new shiny gizmo or gadget that gets regurgitated out of the internet and straight into the waiting mouths of our devices, the same way that mother birds feed their young, that’s how we evolve technologically. As such, it’s tricky to stay on top of it all, but hell – if you’ve got an Android, you’re probably already mildly interested in the notion of customising your phone or tablet, otherwise you would’ve just bought another cookie-cutter iPhone.

ES File Explorer is to your Android device what the Start bar is on Windows. It’s a means of exploring the files on your phone or tablet that you’d usually use Control Panel to reach on your laptop or PC, but naturally enough – ES File Explorer APK exists because most Android devices don’t come with an explorer, a finder or a control panel style feature.

The whole point of having an Android over an Apple product is that you can customise your Android to your heart’s content, well – in theory. To really get the most out of it and to be able customise everything, you need ES File Explorer APK. If you want to add new themes and skins to your device and your apps, ES File Explorer is the app to download first, plus if you want to enhance the performance of your device, disable a few of those bloated apps that waste your time, ES File Explorer is on hand to help and – perhaps most importantly, download ES File Explorer free and you have the power to change the way your apps work, by editing the features of each one.

This sounds cool, but complicated – am I qualified to use ES File Explorer APK?

Don’t panic! ES File Explorer is universally simple to use, even if the amount of choice can be a little overwhelming at times. The sheer range of options available makes ES File Explorer APK the leading choice for any file explorer, but also it doubles up as a file manager too! Allow me to explain, here are some of the key features for ES File Explorer, the ones you too can enjoy if you download ES File Explorer free here from this site…

  • ES File Explorer allows you to search through your Android’s folders and files in real time – which means your actions are updated immediately and it stops you from having to dig deep through unknown file paths.
  • Take total control with ES File Explorer, by Cutting, copying, pasting, renaming, deleting, or compressing any folder or file. Hold your finger over a file or folder and you’re able to select multiple files and folders. This speeds up your Android editing experience as you can apply the same solution to multiple problems at once.
  • ES File Explorer is preloaded with file compression and encryption features which can zip your files together to save space, and keep them secure with encryption. Naturally enough, ES File Explorer can do both of these actions in reverse, unpacking zipped folders and decrypting locked files.
  • Bristling with more cheeky features than Microsoft Office, ES File Explorer comes at you fast and hard like freight train full of screaming babies, but also one that’s jam packed with readers, players and other means of opening and operating files – so if your default video player is pure garbage, ES File Explorer comes to the rescue with a highly capable and versatile piece of built-in software.
  • Customise your Android into oblivion – set up your favourites folder to contain shortcuts to all the files and folders you’ll need to most.

Still not convinced? Give it a go! It’s free after all and lets you take charge of the way your Android works. ES File Explorer is a wonderful tool and once you see the results, you’ll just be disappointed that your Android device didn’t come with something similar installed already. Download ES File Explorer APK free here and you can pay a small fee to upgrade to ES File Explorer Pro, which comes with even more features – like a Swiss army knife inside a Swiss army knife.

Download ES File Explorer APK free and get started on streamlining your Android today. You can download ES File Explorer free here on this very site. For your free download of ES File Explorer APK, just click here – let the adventure begin!

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