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Additional Information of Facebook Lite for Android

Category: Social
Price: Free
Author: Harry Alston
Size: 1.51 MB
Developer: Facebook
Get it on: Google Play
Updated: 2019/ 02/ 14
MOD: Yes

Description for Facebook Lite APK

Download Facebook Lite APK free here to get your Android device up to speed with the latest updates from friends, family and everyone else with Facebook Lite. This reduced data version of the popular Facebook app enables you to use Facebook at its simplest, saving your data, battery and time.
For your free Facebook Lite download, simply click the link to get the lighter version of your most valuable social media platform. No need to create a new account with Facebook Lite, just log in as you would normally and scroll away for hours on end, safe in the knowledge that Facebook Lite’s data compression rate is saving you money on your data plan, doesn’t drain your battery and won’t infuriate you with long loading times that cause you to pluck out your own eyeballs in disgust.

What’s the difference between Facebook Lite and Facebook?

Have you been stuck with the same mobile phone since the 1980s? Are you living in a part of the world where WiFi and 3G is still in the developmental phases? Or are you just sick and tired of watching big telecoms steal your hard earned cash just because you wanted to watch that Fail Blog video that your mate posted on Facebook.

Then Facebook Lite APK is for you – or at least, for your Android device. This handy version of the unanimously adored Facebook app comes as a smaller file size, making it quick and easy to install, plus you won’t need to install Messenger to send or receive messages via Facebook as Facebook Lite incorporates Messenger as a built-in feature.

In essence, Facebook Lite is the optimised version of Facebook and enables you to save your battery for more important things, like Instagram or YouTube videos of cats falling over in the snow. With all that increased battery power, you’re less likely to have your phone cut out on you just when you need it, like when you’re lost and in need of directions or if you’ve locked yourself in a cupboard to hide from a mass murderer and need to call the police or at least let your loved ones know that they’re loved.

Why should I download Facebook Lite?

In these harrowing modern times, our attention spans have plummeted – whether you like it or not, you’ve been spoiled by superfast Broadband, instant access to movies and TV shows through things like Netflix and Showbox, and – in general – you’ve come to appreciate the value of getting things done quickly.
Facebook Lite APK is Facebook’s recognition of this. On average phone users will only wait for 3 – 5 seconds for a page to load, so with Facebook Lite’s innovative data compression, you’ll never be left hanging around while videos buffer or messages send.
It’s just like Facebook in every single way, but by using less data, it loads faster, it saves your data package and gives you access to everything you’ve always wanted from the infamous social media empire in half the time.

Obviously, this does mean certain compromises have to be made in terms of quality, but it’s a small price to pay when you’re spending less on your phone bill each month and spending less time sat around waiting expectantly for something to load. The Facebook Lite app is an absolute must download for anyone who likes to live on the go.

Download Facebook Lite APK now for the most stripped back bare-bones Facebook experience available on Android. Also – another good reason to download Facebook Lite is that it’s absolutely free!

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