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Category: Communication
Version: 47.2.2254.147957
Price: Free
Author: Harry Alston
Size: 11.89 MB
Developer: Opera
Get it on: Google Play
Updated: 2019/ 02/ 14
MOD: Yes

Description for Opera Mini – fast web browser APK

Download Opera Mini APK free online for Android and start using what critics have dubbed one of the top up and coming internet browsers of our time. Opera Mini is brought to you by Opera Software and is already ranked the 6th best browser in the world, so here’s a quick breakdown of why you should download Opera Mini APK free today.

As we collectively lurch further and further into the 21st century, our reliance on the internet continues to grow with every new discovery and technological development. This is a golden age of information – although you’ve still got to wade through the sewers of opinion to reach the fountains of truth, but all the same, to navigate the strange sea of information that awaits online, you need a decent browser.

With increasing mistrust growing among cyber security experts with regards to privacy and security, standard issue browsers and some of the more popular ones are coming under increased scrutiny.

Just where does our data get stored? Is your phone listening to you and generating targeted ads based on your conversations? It’s all getting a bit weird out there in the world of the web, but Opera Mini offers an alternative, one that addresses these issues and more.

If I download Opera Mini APK, what features do I get?

• Opera Mini is a high-performance browser that uses minimal RAM
• Comes with an in-built ad-blocker that outperforms Chrome extensions
• Also compatible with Chrome extensions
• Free in-built VPN for enhanced security
• Customise, synchronise and optimise your browser – more on these later
• It’s completely free to download Opera Mini here!

A lot of Opera Mini’s features are self-explanatory, but let’s just cover a few of them in more detail so you have a better idea of what you’re getting yourself into when you download Opera Mini.

Customise Opera Mini easily

Opera Mini comes fully loaded with a range of user settings that you’re free to change at your leisure, so you can browse the internet exactly as you wish to. The dashboard is already a fairly pretty piece of kit, but Opera Mini doesn’t presume to know what you want and lets you take control of the layout, the sidebars and the functions.

It’s not just functionality that you have control of with Opera Mini – the skins you can download allow you to give your browser a make-over, apply your own theme and go over the more minute details, including a fully customisable sidebar with a vast array of shortcuts you can pin to Opera Mini.

Synchronise your devices with Mini Opera APK for Android.

Nowadays you’re pretty much a backwards luddite peasant if you don’t own multiple devices all capable of conducting your life online, but unless you’re one of those myopic brand loyalists, they probably all function independently of one another without much interaction.

Mini Opera lets you get your passwords, bookmarks and other online details synched across all devices. It’s a simple interface to set up and once it’s done, you’re set to browse to your heart’s content until each and every device is out of battery.

Download Mini Opera APK for free here

So there we have it folks, your brief and slightly less than comprehensive guide to Mini Opera – as a browser, it comes with a lot of great features, although it does have the minor downside of being owned by a Chinese developer, which in turn means that the software will have to comply with Chinese internet laws.
For those with low-performance phones or low-data phone plans, Mini Opera is a fantastic choice as it negates a lot of the hardware issues through innovative software optimised for Android devices. Download Mini Opera APK free now to get a more hands-on experience of how Mini Opera works.

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