Photomath Mod APK 6.7.0

Photomath, Inc. Education


Additional Information of Photomath for Android

Category: Education
Compatible with: Android 5.0+ (Lollipop, API 21)
Version: 6.7.0
Price: Free
Author: Harry Alston
Size: 42.15 MB
Developer: Photomath, Inc.
Get it on: Google Play
Updated: 2019/ 04/ 15
MOD: Yes

Description for Photomath APK

Download Photomath APK now and you can tackle even the most tricky mathematical puzzles with your phone rather than your brain – welcome to the future bubba, it’s a hell of a time to be alive! Maths made easy with Photomath – scan the problem using Photomath’s incredibly detailed camera function and Photomath APK generates a step by step solution so you don’t have to be super smart to pass those maths tests any more.

Photomath APK is all about levelling the playing field, giving everyone of unequal ability an equal chance to learn mathematics through their phone or Android device. Download Photomath APK and you’re downloading your own portable maths tutor – one who’ll never let you down with the wrong answer or beat you over the head with a ruler should you make a mistake.

Does Photomath just do my maths homework for me?

Obviously, the point of Photomath is to help you learn and you don’t learn diddly from having someone else do all the hard parts of life for you, so what Photomath APK aims to do is to give you a detailed explanation of how to tackle the problem.

The camera recognises everything – from the weirdest maths symbols right to the worst handwriting, so even if you’re struggling with an obscure puzzle written in barely legible type, then at least Photomath APK will have you covered. The rest is on you, so Photomath is really more of a motivational tool than a problem solving tool, but you can download Photomath APK free here and start your own math tutoring days.

Will kids use Photomath APK to cheat?

Of course not – it’d be way too obvious to bust out Photomath APK in the middle of a university entrance exam, so before you get into a violent fit about Photomath and other educational apps eroding the value of academia, it’s a handy tool that helps students to gain a better understanding of maths, which we can all agree is a good thing to do.

Besides, who said Photomath APK is just for kids? Whether you’re a parent yourself and need to brush up on your mathematics to help your child through the pitfalls of primary, secondary and even tertiary education, Photomath APK is the perfect app to download. It’s useful in ways that hiring a tutor isn’t – namely because you can download Photomath free.

Maybe you’re a teacher and you want to see different ways to explain difficult equations – Pythagoras is a real tricky one and usually at the mention of his name, eyes glaze over across the classroom, so why not break it down to just the facts with Photomath? From there, you can take into account the calibre of your students, the prestige of your school and your chances of getting a pay rise anytime in the next decade, before figuring out how you want to educate the next generation.

Photomath APK is a wonderful app available for Android – Photomath is free, like all education should be, and always will be. So don’t delay, download Photomath APK today, download Photomath APK free and get it right – don’t be that fool who has to count on their fingers, it’s unbecoming for a human who can walk without dribbling on themselves.

Maths made easy, only with Photomath, download Photomath free here.

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