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Candy Crush Friends Saga APK

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Candy Crush Friends Saga is yet another addition to the Candy Crush series, now ready to download as an apk. This extremely popular Match-3 series of games is all about crushing as much candy as you can. Revolutionary gameplay designed to appeal to casual gamers has made Candy Crush one of the most played games on mobile.

Best Features of This New Candy Crush

Much of the game’s mechanics are familiar. The bright color scheme, smooth graphics and addictive level progression are all back in Friends Saga. All the power-ups and clever ways of clearing levels have returned, yet there are some new additions to the title which might get you excited!

New levels to play

There are 100s of new levels to play with a bunch of new challenges. Don’t worry, you can get some friends to help you along the way! These candy pals are your closest allies and it’s their life mission to get you to the next stage.

Exciting new gamemodes

Brand new innovations to the level design will keep you playing. Cool modes like freeing the mammoths, watching the dancing Yeti, or dunking scrumptious cookies all add a little more fun to the game. Once you collect your friends you can keep them in your sticker book like a real-life collection!

Play online or offline

One of the best features of Candy Crush Friends Saga apk is that you can play both offline and online. First, you need to download the apk with a decent Wi-Fi connection. After that it doesn’t matter whether you’re on the subway or in the middle of nowhere, you can still play! All you need to do every now and then is connect to the internet to get updates for the game and to cloud-sync your data.

Overall, Candy Crush is one those games that appeal because it’s easy to learn but difficult to get really good at. Casual gamers will love this fun mobile game. Jump in and start matching Candies!

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