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Download Clash Royale APK free on Android – for one thing, it’s free, but that pales in comparison to the fact that Clash Royale is the follow-up game from legendary developers, Supercell, who brought us the senselessly addictive Clash of Clans. All your favourite characters are back and this time, things are a little… different.

Don’t worry Clash Royale still features a lot of strategising, a lot of beating the crap out of each other and the same hooks that left us strung out on Clash of Clans for so long, but Clash Royale APK brings a whole new evolution to the game – you’re bound to love it though, because it’s Supercell.

Taking from various other popular game, like some sort of games development cross-breeding experiment, that probably churned out a few aborted unlovable games in the process, has finally spawned something of merit – something so beautiful, you cannot tear your eyes away. I’m not even being hyperbolic when I say that Clash Royale is a genre defining game, one that’s bound to see a few Chinese clones from Tencent or someone over the coming years.

How does Clash Royale differ from Clash of Clans?

They’re both available for your Android and they’re both free to play. They’re also both excellent games, but where Clash Royale APK wanders off the beaten track is in the style of gameplay, where it excels at bringing something completely new to the table.

In the arena, you’ll have two crown towers and a king tower – protect the king tower at all costs, because, like in chess that came before it, if your king tower is destroyed in Clash Royale, that’s it – you’re done.

What’s the gameplay like in Clash Royale APK?

The best way to keep that king tower protected is to use the Clash Royale cards – Clash Cards – of which you’ll have eight, but can only keep four in your hand at any given point. These cards essentially represent your units from Clash of Clans, but they work autonomously once you’ve deployed them by playing the card. You can set where they start, but from there, they’ll just go about doing whatever it is they feel they ought to be doing.

In order to get your enemy’s king tower and reduce it to a pile of smouldering rubble, you’ll want to make sure you’ve got the better hand – but in order to get more cards summoned onto the field of battle, you’ll need elixir. Elixir recharges over time in Clash Royale APK, but you’ll need to make sure you’ve got enough of it stocked for each game if you don’t want to be overrun.

And that’s essentially it – aside from the fact that you’re up against a real live human being. Someone is sat somewhere in this weird old world of ours, playing Clash Royale APK at precisely the same time as you and so with such an insane coincidence occurring and an incredible stroke of fate that brings you together, what do you do? Cuss each other out and try to destroy each other’s towers obviously. Duh.

Is Clash Royale APK going to be one of those hyper-competitive games that I’m addicted to?

Don’t worry, the fact that this indeed a pretty hectic game in terms of how competitive people get on it isn’t too much of a concern, simply down to the matchmaking algorithms that Supercell have built into Clash Royale APK.

You’ll never really play anyone too much further advanced than you and although, yes, there is a pay to win function, whereby people can spend their hard earned real money on Clash Royale and get special cards, special moves and basically buy a load of advantages that make the game a lot less fun. Don’t be this guy – nobody likes this guy, he’s the kind of guy who goes to the cinema on his own, always has crumbs in his beard and was voted least likely to be loved thirty four years running. Clash Royale is free to download, free to play and it should be that way.

Also the fact that the games typically only last around three or four minutes should tell you what you need to know – it’s a fairly rapid turnover, so even if you get your ass served on a silver platter, with your eyeballs as an accompanying garnish, the hurt will end soon and you can take out your frustration on the next fool who crosses your clan’s path.

Is Clash Royale APK as multiplayer as Clash of Clans?

Yes and no – I mean you can still form clans and share your Clash Cards to create a Clash Royale community, but beyond that it’s mostly one on one battles that take place in the Clash Royale arenas, although a recent update meant that now you and a friend can take on some bum buddies too.

This brings out a whole new fun element to it where you and a friend tag team some pair of unfortunates and blow them out of the water, giving you a chance for more winnings, better experience and ultimately, the sense of camaraderie that was mostly lost from Clash of Clans with the 1v1 style gameplay that dominates Clash Royale APK.

Whatever you think, it’s an excellent game and don’t be surprised when I tell you that Clash Royale APK has already made over $1 billion USD in revenue – games like this come but once a while. Savour it. Download Clash Royale APK free here and see what all the hype’s about, does it live up to the noise people have made about it online? Download Clash Royale free now and find out for yourself.

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