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Download Creative Destruction APK now and get your kill-streak on! It’s yet another battle royale game where you’re pitted against your fellow man in a murderous fight to the death. Avoid being buried in a mass grave with all the other fools who couldn’t take the heat – the aim of Creative Destruction is, as the name suggests, to get creative with your kills and do your best not to die.

The game is as much about not dying as it is about killing – maimed and wounded, you need to find shelter, but in Creative Destruction, you can go full Fortnite on the situation and build your own damn shelter! None of this running around like a headless chicken on fire; just go smash some trees or anything else nearby so you can rapidly erect your own refuge from the fire fight.

I know when you hear the term Creative Destruction, you’re thinking about Joseph Schumpeter’s 1950 economic theory which cites Karl Marx’s notion that, to first revolutionise an industry, it must undergo a destructive mutation. I assure you that Creative Destruction, the free APK game for Android is a far cry from anything that highbrow. Download Creative Destruction APK and you’re not going to set about liberating the proletariat – you’re going to be popping heads with heavy machinegun fire and storming barns for supplies on an abandoned island, miles from anyone who’s ever known or loved you – or anyone who’s heard of Joseph Schumpeter actually.

Download Creative Destruction APK and enter the sandbox game that is the virtual equivalent of going for a long, endless run around a desolate looking field only to get punched in the face when you stop to catch your breath. Creative Destruction takes its tolls on the legs, but they’re your character’s legs, so you remain free to grow rotund and gelatinous as you focus your attention on not dying in your phone screen.

How Does Creative Destruction Differ from All the Other Battle Royale Games Out There?

To be perfectly honest, you should just download Creative Destruction APK and find out for yourself, because this is a weird blend of the cartoonish elements of Fortnite, coupled with the ability to build structures and defences out of supplies.

With this though, Creative Destruction brings a whole lore of its own into play, with colourful weaponry denoting the value of the weapon. Colour schemes in Creative Destruction help understand who’s going to kick your ass – so be sure to get your head around which colour means which – I could tell you, but where’s the fun in that?

Craft your own maps, invite folks to die there as you stalk them like the predator of Creative Destruction – this is a solid feature of the game and one that doesn’t get enough attention, what with all the haters clamouring to decry Creative Destruction as just a blatant Fortnite rip-off.

Not only are those people wrong, they’re grotesquely ugly freaks and probably aren’t allowed near playgrounds by law, but anyway, let’s swivel the spotlight of justice back to Creative Destruction, which is more entertaining than most human activities invented thus far.

Why Download Creative Destruction APK?

Let me answer that question with another question, do you like money? Yes, me too – Creative Destruction is 100% free and as such better than most of the other things you can do in this world for free. Certainly Creative Destruction is better than blinking, lying down, staring aimlessly off into the horizon as a tidal wave of ennui and existential dread crashes on the shores of your mind, so that’s at least several good reasons to download Creative Destruction.

Beyond that though, I mean, sure – there’s no plot, there’s no narrative, there’s a lot of bright colours and for those with a hard-on for realistic weaponry, then Creative Destruction will disappoint, but none of these factors really ought to matter.

Think, why would you want to play this sort of game? Is it for a rich and immersive storyline that draws you further away from reality with every new pixel uncovered? Or do you just have some unresolved stuff going on in your head and shooting up a load of strangers in a no holds barred battle royale is a nice way to blow off some steam? Creative Destruction is perfect for this as you’re loaded into a battle with various other frustrated angst-riddled individuals all chomping at the bit to kill you.

Download Creative Destruction APK free online right here and get stuck in!

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