Criminal Case

Criminal Case Mod APK 2.32.2

Pretty Simple Adventure

Download Criminal Case MOD APK and indulge yourself in intensive criminal investigations. You’ll play as an experienced police officer to resolve murder mysteries.


Additional Information of Criminal Case for Android

Category: Adventure
Compatible with: 4.1
Version: 2.32.2
Price: Free
Author: John Arthur
Size: 60.94 MB
Developer: Pretty Simple
Get it on: Google Play
Updated: 2020/ 03/ 12
MOD: Yes

Description for Criminal Case APK

This is a quest game that requires you to use your detective skills to unravel different criminal activities in your region. It simulates different crime scenes—you must arrive at these scenes, investigate, collect evidence, and analyze it.

When you get the results, you’ll then be required to search for the victims/affected individuals as well as the witnesses of the crime.

The challenge is to have an error-free analysis that will lead to the arrest and prosecution of the crime perpetrators.

Creative Storyline

This game is set in Grimsborough. Heightened criminal activities have necessitated the need for highly skilled detectives.

As such, you’ll join the Police of Grimsborough and work towards unraveling numerous criminal activities in the region.

Will you manage to pacify the region and restore normalcy? Download the game to find out!

An Immersive Gameplay

This game takes you straight to the crime scene! When there, you must be highly conscious to gather every evidence that’ll strengthen your case.

Once you have the crime analysis reports, you should summon the witnesses for interrogation. Also, ensure that you give crucial hints leading to the arrest of the criminals.

You’ll become a pro if you bring justice to all the affected people. Ensure that all those criminals are jailed!

Topnotch Graphics and Interesting Sound Effects

The Criminal Case uses five-star graphics. You’ll enjoy outstanding hand-drawn images that will give you clues necessary in elucidating various criminal activities.

The 3-D crime scenes are expertly finished with incredible clarity. With its distinctive background, it’s hard to miss any clue.

Even better, the game has a highly hypnotic sound effect that’ll easily make you addicted to it!

Download the Criminal Case Mod APK Now!

If you want more features to help you undertake thorough crime investigations, you should consider downloading the modified version of the game.

The MOD APK comes complete with unique features that’ll revolutionize your gaming experience. You’ll enjoy special customization and eye-catching graphics.

Unique MOD Features

  • Unlimited Hints. You’ll have the chance to rise the ladder of this game with unlimited hints. You’ll get to the bottom of many cases successfully which will improve your detective skills
  • Unlimited Energy. While investigative cases can be energy-draining, you’ll have it reimbursed regularly if you use the MOD version! The unlimited energy will help you investigate various criminal cases for as long as you want
  • Unlimited Money. If you’ve always been limited by fewer resources to complete your missions, then the MOD version will solve your problems. You’ll have all the money you need to fund your investigative activities!
  • HD Graphics. The clarity that comes with the MOD version is mind-boggling! Download it and enjoy topnotch images


If you’re a fan of investigation stories, then you’ll enjoy the Criminal Case MOD APK. The game is characterized by highly engaging crime scenes that’ll leave you incredibly wonderstruck.

Don’t let this charming game pass you by! Download it now and enjoy every minute of your investigative escapades.

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