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Fallout Shelter is one of the best Android games of the last century. Haha. Just kidding. Phones haven’t been around that long dummy – it’s not the year 2207 after all! It is in Fallout Shelter, where you need to oversee an underground vault. Download it now as an APK mod for your Android device.

Heralded for its detailed gameplay, addictive mechanics, and awesome graphics, Fallout Shelter takes the wonderful and grim world of Fallout and brings it to mobile in the best way possible – a sort of Theme Hospital management Sim vibe but with Super Mutants, wacky weapons and an ever-expanding and difficult-to-manage vault to handle.

This game arrived on the scene way back in 2015 – before the shocking revelation that was Fallout 76 – and just after/during the release of the mildly-appreciated Fallout 4. Thankfully, Shelter was a brilliant by-product of Fallout 4 and one of the mobile games we have put the most time into over the last couple of years.

What’s really brilliant about Fallout Shelter is that it actually requires very little in the way of micro-transactions. They are definitely there because it’s a mobile game, but it’s totally manageable. You still get hours of fun content just from the base game.

Build the Ideal Vault

You are in charge of a whole hive of vault citizens – people who rely on your guidance as the overseer to take care of them and provided healthy abundance so they can have children and foster the next generation of the planet. However, to continue their survival you have to fully optimize your vault. There are a variety of different rooms to choose from which you need to construct for life to go on as usual.

Foster A Community – Keep Everyone Alive in Fallout Shelter apk mod

Once you’ve established a base, with things like electricity, water, and general amenities, you need to pay close attention to your citizens. Keep them fit, trained and happy by socializing with other members of the vault. The best way to excel in Fallout Shelter is to spend the time to get to know your Dwellers. Each dweller will have an ideal role which they will flourish in: get it wrong, and you might find yourself in some STICKY situations. Provide them outfits which enhance their innate abilities, give them weapons if they can shoot, and send them off to the training rooms to make them better Dwellers in general.

Customization and Crafting Keep Fallout Shelter Exciting as You Progress

When you head out on expeditions across the wasteland your Dwellers will collect different items of scrap and junk. Rather than chuck these things on the virtual junkpile, they are essential in crafting new and more powerful items. Things like weapons can also be found out on the wilds.  Everything, in the world of Fallout, is valuable…if you know how to use it.

Build a Vault that will Prosper Into the Future

Managing your vault will be a learning curve. Expect your first few vaults to end in disaster and everything should be fine. Don’t get too stressed out when your gang is rolled over by a beefed-up group of nutty raiders. If you run out of food, you know you need some more people with cooking skills, and power, and water, etc can be fixed with careful management as well.

A Radio Room is a necessary addition to your Shelter after a while. This will help draw in more wanderers from the wasteland to boost the productivity of your vault – great if half your gang has just been eaten by Super Mutants. You can also get your dwellers all jiggy with it to pump out some baby dwellers.

Exploring the Vast Wastelands

Send out your hardiest Dwellers to scour the blasted wasteland on adventures to seek out glory, fantastic loot, or horrible, violent death. Out there in the dreaded wastelands, you might discover new weapons and armor for your explorers, level up your guys to increase their power and hardiness, and earn much-needed caps. If they die. They die. THE END.

While you send out people to adventure the wastelands, people will also come looking for your vault. Deadly raiders approach from the dusty wastes, guns, and hammers in hand, ready to smash down your door and kill your entire population.

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